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Fall of Argentine superstar Maradona

On November 25, 2020, Argentine football superstar Maradona died of a sudden cardiac arrest at home at the age of 60. A generation of legends fell into the world like shooting stars. Countless fans voluntarily saw him off. It also includes many female fans who are officially dressed, 25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans. Take the last look at the idol in his most beautiful appearance.

25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans

Maradona’s life

Maradona was born in Argentina. He is a famous football player, coach and midfielder in Argentina. He has dedicated all his life to football. In 1975, Maradona played for the first time in the Argentine League. In 1977, he led the Argentina team to win the World Youth Football Championship. In 1978, he became the youngest top scorer in history. In 1986, Maradona led the Argentina team to win the World Cup. When Maradona was interviewed as a child, he said that he had two dreams. The first dream was to participate in the Football World Cup, and the other was to win the Football World Cup. Maradona fulfilled his own dream. Become a role model for countless people.

Farewell to Maradona

Maradona is undoubtedly one of the best football players in the world. Maradona’s departure left countless fans in tears. Including a large number of female fans. They dressed up in their most beautiful looks, and sent off Maradona with the best gesture to see Maradona for the last time. Argentina is located in South America. The local women are unrestrained and free, and they also love football. Their facial makeup gives a strong visual impact. They especially like to wear 25mm eyelashes. The natural big eyes make them more beautiful when wearing 25mm eyelashes.25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans.

25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans

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Argentine female fans wear these eyelashes to show themselves the most beautiful posture, to bid farewell to their idols of life.