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Gradient eyelash box is launched! ! !

Different times have different aesthetics. People’s needs are constantly changing. Fashion knows no borders or domains. The mainstream fashion in 2020 is gradient colors. The global theme is to protect the environment. ProluxuryLashes also launched a new eyelash box based on this trend-gradient eyelash box——2020 new eyelash box.

2020 new eyelash box——Color collision

Gradient colors give people a mysterious and romantic atmosphere with endless changes. The blue gradient color gives a fresh feeling. You will feel refreshed and happy when you see this box, as if you have seen the sea and the sky.

A touch of green and a little gold in the blue make this box more noble.

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Bright gold inner box design

The bright gold inner box can make the eyelashes look shiny in the box, as if there are several stars dotted on it.

25mm double mink eyelashes loaded in the inner black. The length of this eyelash is more matched with this box. 25mm mink eyelashes are also the most popular type of eyelashes in the United States in 2020. This eyelash can better reflect people’s unrestrained personality.

2020 new eyelash box

2020 new eyelash box

Behind this 2020 new eyelash box are 40mm extra long mink eyelashes. The purpose of this eyelashes is to make people better dress up for festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas and so on. This 40mm mink eyelashes are also widely used in stage shows and fancy dress parties. It has become the first choice for actors to highlight their facial makeup.

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2020 new eyelash box

ProluxuryLashes has been engaged in the eyelash industry for decades, and has an accurate grasp of the changes in the trend of the entire eyelash market, as well as a deep understanding of people’s pursuit of individual needs. So we will regularly launch new eyelashes and new eyelash boxes. Let eyelash businesses occupy the market faster and continue to grow their eyelash brands.