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Eyelash business under the lockdown in Australia

Just today I received some urgent news. Because of COVID-19, Australia is about to be locked down. People cannot leave the city they are in, and people outside cannot enter Australia. International express delivery is also prohibited. This is a fatal blow to Australian eyelash businesses. Because eyelashes are used as fast-moving consumer goods. The cycle is short, orders are frequent, and sales are fast. Add the words that cannot be transported internationally. Australia’s own eyelash businesses are facing a shortage of eyelashes in bulk australia and demand exceeds supply. In this case, how should Australian eyelash businesses deal with it?

Order enough goods as soon as possible

The most effective way for Australia’s eyelash businesses to close the country’s shortage of goods is to order enough eyelash products in advance. Why is this the most effective method? The first eyelash product has no shelf life. As long as it is placed in a dry and cool place, it will not deteriorate in 10 years. Eyelash merchants can confidently order boldly. Even if the sales are not completed during the closure of the country, the sales can continue in the future. Second, during the period of the country’s closure, the people of Australia cannot do online transnational shopping, and the local online shopping and the real economy will surely grow rapidly. As a consumable, eyelashes will surely increase their sales. Below I will show some new styles of eyelash products launched by ProluxuryLashes.

In a fully enclosed situation, new things and new products can always attract people’s attention and guide people to purchase.


No one knows when COVID-19 will disappear. No one knows how long Australia’s lockdown will last. No one knows who will be the next country to be sealed off. Therefore, for Australian eyelash businesses, hoarding goods quickly these days is the best choice. For eyelash merchants in other countries, purchase goods in a planned way. Ensure that your goods can be a sudden situation.

No matter how the world changes, people’s lives will continue. As an eyelashes supplier in bulk australia, ProluxuryLashes will stand with eyelash merchants all over the world to deal with various difficulties.

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Preparing for the eyelash career in 2021

2020 is coming to an end, and many things have happened this year. There are good things and bad things. The good thing is that I have met many eyelash businesses who want to make the eyelash business bigger. The bad thing is that COVID-19 has broken out all over the world. The year 2020 will always pass, and people should also adopt a good attitude. Look ahead. The same goes for the eyelash industry. The 2020 eyelash styles may face the risk of becoming obsolete in 2021, and the same is true for eyelash boxes. People’s aesthetics changes every year. Below I will introduce several new styles of eyelashes and eyelash boxes. With ProluxuryLashes’ understanding of fashion, I believe it will lead the fashion trend in the eyelash industry in 2021. Below are the 2021 new eyelashes. This is the new lashes for 2021

40mm mink eyelashes

At the beginning of the eyelash industry, there were only 13mm, 16mm and 20mm false eyelashes on the market. But as people continue to expand the concept of openness, eyelashes of 25 mm and 28 mm have gradually appeared. These eyelashes are widely used in daily wear. As the best eyelash manufacturer in the country, we have launched cross-era 40mm mink eyelashes. Our initial positioning of this eyelashes is to be used in stage shows, fancy dress parties, and festive dresses. For example, wear these eyelashes on Halloween, Christmas or cosplay. And after our investigation, as people continue to expand the concept of openness, this part of the market is also expanding.This is the 2021 new eyelashes.

Gradient eyelashes box

In 2020, the environment is deteriorating day by day, and there is a trend of environmental protection all over the world. We also introduced environmentally friendly gradient eyelash boxes and environmentally friendly eyelash holders. The eyelash box of this color can give a feeling of sea and blue sky. Make people feel comfortable, this box is also made of all environmentally friendly materials. Will not cause any pollution to welcome.

Fashion trends are changing every year, and what we can do is to guess this trend as much as possible. In the days to come, we will continue to launch new products to face 2021, and let the eyelash merchants who cooperate with us occupy as much market as possible.

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How to choose office eyelashes

There are many occasions to wear eyelashes, such as weddings, fancy dress parties, workplace wear and so on. There are many types of eyelashes. Today we will talk about which eyelashes are suitable for professionals to wear. Which is the best Office eyelashes extension.

Office eyelashes extension-13mm 3D mink eyelashes

The 13mm mink eyelashes perfectly meet this requirement. The 13mm mink eyelashes perfectly meet this requirement. The length of 13 mm is similar to the length of human natural eyelashes. After that, mink hair is used as the raw material for the large and own eyelashes. The molecular structure of mink hair is similar to that of human natural eyelashes. It is closer to human natural eyelashes in softness and curvature.

Types of 13mm mink eyelashes

There are different types of 13mm mink eyelashes. Their styles are also different. But the price of the following eyelashes is the same. And there is no minimum order quantity for our eyelash products. Any quantity can be ordered. If you want to know which are the best selling 13mm mink eyelashes or want to know more about Office eyelashes extension, please contact me. My WhatsApp: +86 18563925813.

The best mink eyelash supplier

ProluxuryLashes has been engaged in the eyelash industry for decades, as the best eyelash supplier in China. Can provide the best quality and latest style eyelash products. We have produced more than 2,000 different eyelash styles. Whether you are an eyelash business that has been on the battlefield or a novice who wants to work in the eyelash industry. ProluxuryLashes are your best choice. We can provide merchandise assistance to eyelash businesses. It can also provide detailed business plans for eyelash novices. Make your eyelash business better and better.

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We also offer mink eyelashes of different lengths and vegetarian eyelashes. Such as 16 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and so on. We can also customize it according to your needs.

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Black Friday for eyelash merchants

Black Friday is an annual sales promotion conference in the United States. Eyelash merchants are also involved. And carry out discount promotions on their products. ProluxuryLashes, as the best black friday lashes suppliers in China, has also prepared many high-quality new products and promotional activities for this Black Friday.

1.There is no minimum order quantity for our eyelashes

2.Shipping only takes 3 days

3.There are a variety of new boxes

Below is our catalogue

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2020 Black Friday New Eyelash Case-Contrast Color

Gradient colors make people full of mysterious and romantic atmosphere of unlimited changes. The blue gradient color gives a fresh feeling. When you see this box, you will feel refreshed and happy, as if you saw the sea and the sky.

The light green and blue gold make this box more noble. The bright golden inner box can make the eyelashes in the box look more shiny, as if there are a few stars dotted on it.

25mm double mink eyelashes have built-in black. The length of this eyelash matches this box. 25mm mink eyelashes are also the most popular type of eyelashes in the United States in 2020. This kind of eyelashes can better reflect people’s unrestrained personality.

There is no minimum order quantity, you can design the logo according to your needs.Please contact me!!! My Whatsapp:+86 18563925813
There is no minimum order quantity, you can design the logo according to your needs.Please contact me!!! My Whatsapp:+86 18563925813

Black Friday holiday special box-Christmas box

December 25th will usher in the annual Christmas, and customers will also choose gifts for their friends this month. To celebrate this holiday, the eyelash designers of Proluxurylashes also designed many eyelash boxes for Christmas. Do you still want to design a unique eyelash box for Christmas?

We can print 3D or flat logos on your eyelash case, they have unique holiday logos. Products with holiday logos are much better than ordinary products. People will always buy some related products on special holidays. You can print popular pictures of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. and unique logos on the eyelash box, which will make your products very popular.

Christmas is an annual holiday, and most people take it seriously. During Christmas, many people will dress up as Santa Claus. For eyelash companies, this is an unlimited business opportunity. If you have prepared an eyelash set suitable for your makeup in advance, please sell it in advance. Let customers have enough time to buy.

Black Friday Eyelash Promotion

Due to the impact of COVID-19, people will not have the opportunity to purchase the products they need within the first six months of 2020. Others have reduced or no income. After months of buffering, people’s lives gradually returned to normal. But after this popularity, people have become more inclined to shop online. This can minimize contact with people. You can quickly browse the products you need and the offers of these products. The same goes for eyelashes, so what is the Black Friday eyelash set promotion?

COVID-19 has disrupted people’s lives, but it has also made people more accepting of changes in shopping methods such as online shopping or store delivery. After investigation, this Black Friday, people will be more welcome to accept new products. 64% said that compared with last year, they will be exposed to some new products this year. However, it will pay more attention to product quality and pursue cost-effectiveness.

Below I will recommend a few cost-effective eyelash sets.

Hot selling vegetarian eyelash sample pack

Only $45.9 Vegetarian Eyelash Sample Pack:

Ship by DHL Express, you will receive your eyelashes within 5 days.

The sample contains the following series:

Mixed mink eyelash sample pack

Eyelash sample pack for only $44.9:

Ship by DHL Express, you will receive your eyelashes within 5 days.

– 100% real mink whip and cruelty free
–Cotton stalk, comfortable to wear and waterproof
– 3D vivid and diverse, natural curly and realistic
– 100% handmade, can be reused 25-30 times
-Free shipping, delivery within 24 hours after payment
– 4 exquisite packages and 4 pairs of false eyelashes

Cost-effective eyelash sets will bring you more Black Friday eyelash sets promotions, allowing you to stand out in this Black Friday. ProluxuryLashes can provide you with a variety of special eyelash combinations, and can also combine some eyelash combinations for you.

As the best black friday lashes suppliers,We can provide you with the best goods.

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Knowledge about wearing contact lenses and eyelashes

Eye makeup includes the wearing of eyelashes and the wearing of cosmetic contact lenses and the application of other cosmetics. So what is the order of finishing the eye makeup? Can I wear false eyelashes after wearing cosmetic contact lenses? This is also a problem that plagues many people.

Can I wear cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes? Is this safe? A common misconception is that this is not safe and that the wearer of cosmetic contact lenses cannot wear false eyelashes. But the fact is indeed the opposite. You can also wear false eyelashes after wearing cosmetic contacts, but there are some precautions.

Wearing order

You must pay attention to the order of wearing cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes. We should wear cosmetic contact lenses first, followed by false eyelashes. Before applying anything to the eye area, always make sure to put on the cosmetic contact lenses first. Wearing eyelashes. This can effectively prevent the eyelashes from blocking the line of sight or falling into the eyes when wearing cosmetic lenses. It can ensure the cleanliness of the eyes to the greatest extent.

Second, the purpose of wearing cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes is to make yourself more beautiful. Because wearing cosmetic contact lenses is more complicated than wearing mink eyelashes. So after wearing the perfect pupil, you can try to wear various types of false eyelashes to make your makeup more beautiful.

Cosmetic contact lenses and eyelashes

Choose the right false eyelashes

False eyelashes: As far as false lashes are concerned, you can choose to use any one. However, we recommend that you choose softer eyelashes, such as mink fur, or silk eyelashes, because they will be softer and the material imitates real eyelashes. This avoids irritation as if any mink eyelashes happen to enter your eyes (very unlikely), which is similar to the eyelashes that you often drop yourself. In addition, unlike makeup products, false eyelashes have no expiration date or shelf life. As long as the false eyelashes are in a usable state or safely stored, you can use them anytime and anywhere you want! But you need to clean them regularly.

If you find itchy, red or sore eyes for any reason, please remove your makeup (eye shadow, mascara, etc.) immediately. If it happens again, avoid using that particular product and give your eyes a rest.

As the most professional eye makeup supplier, ProluxuryLashes provides the best eyelash products and its accessories. If you want to know more about eyelash products, please contact me.

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How to do business with customers better

In recent days, several eyelash dealers have discussed with me. What should I do when doing business with customers?What is a good lash business plan?

Asking means interested

The customer asks you about the price of eyelashes, which means that he is aware of and interested in eyelashes. They take the initiative to contact you, so as long as you are not a peer, you should cherish it. Time is precious now, don’t make customers wait too long. Unless the peer asks for the price. If you are a peer, you don’t care.

What is a good lash business plan

Customers are interested in 3D mink eyelashes, but if they are not very professional, they need help and guidance. You need to understand the customer’s situation, stand on the customer’s point of view, and think for the customer. See where his needs for eyelashes are. What length of eyelashes is suitable for him, what material of eyelashes, and how much budget does he have to buy eyelashes.

Determine the customer type

After the customer understands our basic situation. We also need to ask him a few simple questions. These questions are easy for customers to answer, and you can also grasp the customer’s situation.

For example: “Did you buy mink by yourself or sell it?” “Have you bought 3D false eyelashes before?” “Which style of mink whip do you like?” Different customers ask them different questions.

What is a good lash business plan

Determine whether the customer is a wholesaler or an individual buyer based on the professionalism of the customer’s answer and the number of purchases.

Provide customer options

After understanding the customer’s needs, you can make some suggestions to the customer. Provide valuable information. Provide customers with several suitable solutions and let them choose by themselves. This is to prevent customers from not knowing what they want when faced with many products. At this time, providing solutions to customers is like pointing the direction to customers. More can promote customers to purchase.

Price discussion with customers

After the customer has viewed the eyelash products, no matter what the price of your product is, the customer will bargain with you. Don’t lower your price easily at this time. To highlight the advantages of their products, including quality advantages and style advantages. Under normal circumstances, customers will accept your price. If the customer must ask for a lower price, you can give him some gifts. If the customer still does not agree, you can tell the customer: If you increase the number of purchases, we will lower the price for you. Make customers feel passive.

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Bargaining with you means that the customer is very satisfied with your product, but he wants to make more profits. Easy price reduction is a taboo in business.

Doing business with different people has different solutions. If you want to sell your products better and learn more about lash business plan, please contact ProluxuryLashes, please leave a message below and let us discuss together.

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How to take photos of eyelashes and boxes

Some eyelash merchants want to promote their products on social platforms after purchasing the eyelash boxes. Then you need to post photos of your products on social platforms. Now people spend an average of 5 hours a day browsing social media, and taking a good photo will bring you huge business opportunities. So how do you take luxury eyelashes’ beautiful photo?


A good light source not only illuminates each carefully placed eyelash, but also improves the camera’s ability to focus and sharpen the photo (when you use something as thin as eyelash extensions, there is no room for blurring).

luxury eyelashes' beautiful photo

The light source can be the sun light source, so that people can see the state of the eyelashes under the sun more truly and naturally. The light source can also be an artificial light source. This kind of light source can create a state without shadows, and can capture the details of each eyelash clearly, allowing consumers to better view the details of the eyelashes.


The background of the shot is also very important. If you are simply shooting eyelashes, try to choose a pure color as the background (try pure white). The white of the background and the black of the eyelashes form a contrast color, which can better set off the color of the eyelashes. Don’t choose too complicated backgrounds. The protagonist should be your eyelashes. If you choose complicated backgrounds in the past, someone’s attention may be shared by the background.

Filming angle

For eyelashes, the shooting angle is also very important. For some eyelashes you need to shoot from three angles. First, you need to take a picture of the entire eyelashes to give others an overall conceptual picture. The second angle is from the side of the eyelashes. The third angle is to shoot the tip of the eyelashes, because professional eyelash buyers can judge the quality of the eyelashes from the tip of the eyelashes.

Matching eyelashes and eyelash box

Eyelash box The matching pictures of the eyelash box can better attract consumers, so that both the eyelash box and the eyelash box can be displayed. But eyelashes of different lengths should be matched with different eyelash boxes. Eyelashes with a size of 25mm can be matched with a large round box, and eyelashes with a size of 20mm can be matched with a normal-sized box.

Post finishing

After the photo is taken, the subsequent organization is also very important. You can adjust the brightness, sharpness and other parameters of the photo to make the photo look more beautiful. The most important step is to add your logo to your photo. It can prevent others from stealing your pictures, and it can also make your pictures more advanced.

This is the basic photo shooting technique. A good luxury eyelashes’ beautiful photo can bring you more views and never bring more customers. If you want to know more photo shooting skills or social media operation skills, please contact me as soon as possible.

Helpful Information for Eyelashes Business Beginner

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Why don’t we provide free samples

Recently, many customers said that they want to order large quantities of eyelash products from our company, but they want some Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples to check our quality before ordering. This is a very reasonable thing, after all, there are certain risks in online shopping. But when I said that I needed to pay for shipping and sample costs, the customer was not contacting me, and some even said that our company was a fraudulent company.

So why are our Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples not free?

High cost

Like an ordinary pair of eyelash samples, the price is about $6, but the shipping is very expensive. A pair of eyelash samples will cost about US$30 for shipping to the United States, and shipping to other remote countries may cost up to US$70. Customers are unwilling to bear this part of the cost. Imagine that nearly 30 customers ask me for medicines every day. The freight is already a very high cost. And not everyone can order large quantities of goods after receiving the samples.

Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples

Some customers say that other eyelash companies only deduct the shipping cost when sending samples, and the cost of the eyelashes itself is not accepted. But our company hasn’t noticed yet. For eyelashes, the cost between them is also very different. Our company’s eyelash products are made of 100% mink hair, and each pair of eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. Those cheap eyelashes can be said to be disposable products. Therefore, the cost of our eyelashes is high and the price is relatively expensive. Just like cosmetics, what you buy on the roadside is always cheaper than what you buy in specialty stores, but the quality is much lower than that of specialty stores.

Complex production process

Sometimes the products that customers want need to be customized. At this time we will admit the cost of mold opening. Because from the general design concept given by the customer, to the completion of the design by our designers, to the completion of the processing. Every step requires a fee. And when making such a single private customized sample, the cost of machine operation is much higher than the cost of making large quantities of goods. So we will cover part of the cost.

Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples

In the Internet age, online shopping has become a trend. But online shopping also carries great risks, both for buyers and sellers. So trust becomes especially valuable. ProluxuryLashes is a distance eyelash brand. Consumers are also welcome to test our quality, and we must understand each other with consumers. Only in this way will there be a possibility of long-term cooperation.

We take the lead in providing consumers with the best quality and latest style eyelash products! ! !

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Improvement of vegetarian eyelashes

Best vegan eyelashes extension are designed to cater to some vegetarian eyelashes. The raw materials of traditional vegetarian eyelashes basically use plastic as raw materials, and use sulfated syrup with a pungent chemical smell. If used for a long time, it will seriously damage our skin and real eyelashes, and even endanger our health. The research department of ProluxuryLashes has completely changed the definition of vegetarian eyelashes through continuous experiments. Let’s take a look at the changes.

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best vegan eyelashes extension

Improvement of raw materials

Traditional vegetarian eyelashes use plastic as the main raw material. This kind of eyelashes is not only harmful to the human body, but also very environmentally friendly, causing great harm to the environment. The real silk eyelashes developed by us are made of velvet as the main raw material. The eyelashes made of this material have luster and darker black, which can give people a strong visual experience.

Just this year, we invested a lot of ourselves and carried out a brand-new reform of vegetarian eyelashes, bringing vegetarian eyelashes to a new era. We launched magic wand eyelashes, which are made of bamboo protein fiber, which combines the luster of velvet with the softness of mink hair. Bamboo protein fiber eyelashes not only meet the needs of vegetarians, but also provide a comfortable experience.

Only ProluxuryLashes can provide eyelashes of this material in the world. This is a huge business opportunity for some merchants selling vegetarian eyelashes, and the price of this kind of eyelashes is not too expensive. Consumers are completely acceptable.

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Improvement of production process

When you wear traditional vegetarian eyelashes, have you ever smelled a strong pungent chemical agent, which is the smell of sulfated syrup? They must soak the eyelashes in this chemical agent to produce the curvature of the eyelashes. And if the eyelashes made by this process touch water, the curvature of the eyelashes will disappear, which is equivalent to disposable eyelashes.

After continuous research by our scientific researchers, we use the temperature control technology of eyelash curvature. This end does not require the use of any chemical reagents. The vegan eyelashes made by the physical ironing process have more beautiful curvature, and the best vegan eyelashes extension are softer.

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We can confidently say that currently only our company has this technology, and this technology is also our core competitiveness. We all insist on using the highest quality raw materials and the most fashionable designs. Stable quality improves customer satisfaction, and we continue to introduce new styles to adapt to the trend. We have accumulated a number of long-term customers. Fast delivery enables customers to stabilize the supply of goods and better meet customer needs. We strive to cancel after-sales service because we strive to do our best without shortcomings. We are the manufacturer and leader in the eyelash market.

Whether you choose velvet eyelashes or bamboo protein fiber eyelashes, ProluxuryLashes is your best choice.

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How to maintain your mink eyelashes in daily life?

After purchasing mink eyelashes, some novices will not take care of them in daily life. As a result, the life span of mink eyelashes becomes very short. Some inferior mink eyelashes have a short lifespan, and because of no daily maintenance, they have almost become disposable items. The average lifespan of ProluxuryLashes eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. If maintenance is carried out in daily life, the lifespan can be extended to 30-35 times. So what are the ways to Correct maintain mink eyelashes in daily life?

Picture of cleaning false eyelashes

Take it off carefully

Be careful when removing mink eyelashes. Remove them gently, as any additional pressure will only damage them. But before removing them, you need to wash your hands with unscented soap. Now, apply a little makeup remover (water-based) on the eyelashes to help loosen the glue. After a few seconds, hold the eyelash stem and gently pull it out. (Note: When pulling, hold the corner of the eyelash stem instead of the eyelashes)

After removing the eyelashes, you need to remove the glue on the natural eyelash line. This is important because it may affect your lash line if not handled properly. In addition, you may find it difficult to reapply the false eyelashes to the lash line.

It is very important to remove glue from false eyelashes. You can use tweezers and release all the glue from the front and back. If necessary, scrape off any remaining glue with the help of your nails.

This careful removal of eyelashes can Correct maintain mink eyelashes to the greatest extent.

Regular cleaning

The mink eyelashes of ProluxuryLashes have undergone a special physical ironing process, which has a certain degree of water resistance. After you wash your face or swim, your mink eyelashes still retain their original curvature.

But it needs regular cleaning, because when you finish swimming, a small amount of salt in the pool will stay on your eyelashes, which will erode your eyelashes over time. So you have to clean it regularly, rinse your eyelashes with clean water and gently pat the moisture on them, and then put them in a cool place to dry naturally. This can effectively extend the life of your eyelashes.

Use eyelash boxes for protection

Mink eyelashes are a very small thing, you may not find it anymore if you just throw it away. Some external friction may also destroy the integrity of mink eyelashes. So the effect of the eyelash box is reflected. The eyelash box is not only for decoration, but more importantly, the eyelash box can protect your eyelashes. Protect your eyelashes from dust and external forces, and protect the integrity of your eyelashes to the greatest extent, thereby extending the life of your eyelashes.

maintain mink eyelashes

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Dear customer, daily maintain your mink eyelashes is very important to extend the life of your mink eyelashes. We must learn to care for our precious things, just like treating our family and friends. Be sincere to them and make them more and more valuable.