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Preparing for the eyelash career in 2021

2020 is coming to an end, and many things have happened this year. There are good things and bad things. The good thing is that I have met many eyelash businesses who want to make the eyelash business bigger. The bad thing is that COVID-19 has broken out all over the world. The year 2020 will always pass, and people should also adopt a good attitude. Look ahead. The same goes for the eyelash industry. The 2020 eyelash styles may face the risk of becoming obsolete in 2021, and the same is true for eyelash boxes. People’s aesthetics changes every year. Below I will introduce several new styles of eyelashes and eyelash boxes. With ProluxuryLashes’ understanding of fashion, I believe it will lead the fashion trend in the eyelash industry in 2021. Below are the 2021 new eyelashes. This is the new lashes for 2021

40mm mink eyelashes

At the beginning of the eyelash industry, there were only 13mm, 16mm and 20mm false eyelashes on the market. But as people continue to expand the concept of openness, eyelashes of 25 mm and 28 mm have gradually appeared. These eyelashes are widely used in daily wear. As the best eyelash manufacturer in the country, we have launched cross-era 40mm mink eyelashes. Our initial positioning of this eyelashes is to be used in stage shows, fancy dress parties, and festive dresses. For example, wear these eyelashes on Halloween, Christmas or cosplay. And after our investigation, as people continue to expand the concept of openness, this part of the market is also expanding.This is the 2021 new eyelashes.

Gradient eyelashes box

In 2020, the environment is deteriorating day by day, and there is a trend of environmental protection all over the world. We also introduced environmentally friendly gradient eyelash boxes and environmentally friendly eyelash holders. The eyelash box of this color can give a feeling of sea and blue sky. Make people feel comfortable, this box is also made of all environmentally friendly materials. Will not cause any pollution to welcome.

Fashion trends are changing every year, and what we can do is to guess this trend as much as possible. In the days to come, we will continue to launch new products to face 2021, and let the eyelash merchants who cooperate with us occupy as much market as possible.

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How to choose office eyelashes

There are many occasions to wear eyelashes, such as weddings, fancy dress parties, workplace wear and so on. There are many types of eyelashes. Today we will talk about which eyelashes are suitable for professionals to wear. Which is the best Office eyelashes extension.

Office eyelashes extension-13mm 3D mink eyelashes

The 13mm mink eyelashes perfectly meet this requirement. The 13mm mink eyelashes perfectly meet this requirement. The length of 13 mm is similar to the length of human natural eyelashes. After that, mink hair is used as the raw material for the large and own eyelashes. The molecular structure of mink hair is similar to that of human natural eyelashes. It is closer to human natural eyelashes in softness and curvature.

Types of 13mm mink eyelashes

There are different types of 13mm mink eyelashes. Their styles are also different. But the price of the following eyelashes is the same. And there is no minimum order quantity for our eyelash products. Any quantity can be ordered. If you want to know which are the best selling 13mm mink eyelashes or want to know more about Office eyelashes extension, please contact me. My WhatsApp: +86 18563925813.

The best mink eyelash supplier

ProluxuryLashes has been engaged in the eyelash industry for decades, as the best eyelash supplier in China. Can provide the best quality and latest style eyelash products. We have produced more than 2,000 different eyelash styles. Whether you are an eyelash business that has been on the battlefield or a novice who wants to work in the eyelash industry. ProluxuryLashes are your best choice. We can provide merchandise assistance to eyelash businesses. It can also provide detailed business plans for eyelash novices. Make your eyelash business better and better.

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We also offer mink eyelashes of different lengths and vegetarian eyelashes. Such as 16 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and so on. We can also customize it according to your needs.

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Black Friday for eyelash merchants

Black Friday is an annual sales promotion conference in the United States. Eyelash merchants are also involved. And carry out discount promotions on their products. ProluxuryLashes, as the best black friday lashes suppliers in China, has also prepared many high-quality new products and promotional activities for this Black Friday.

1.There is no minimum order quantity for our eyelashes

2.Shipping only takes 3 days

3.There are a variety of new boxes

Below is our catalogue

CLICK HERE >>>>> 13-16mm Natural 3D Mink Lashes vendor

CLICK HERE >>>>> 16-18mm Daily 3D Mink Lashes wholesale

CLICK HERE >>>>> 20-23mm Party/Festival 3D Mink Lashes supplier

CLICK HERE >>>>> 25mm Luxury 3D Mink Lashes manufacturer

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2020 Black Friday New Eyelash Case-Contrast Color

Gradient colors make people full of mysterious and romantic atmosphere of unlimited changes. The blue gradient color gives a fresh feeling. When you see this box, you will feel refreshed and happy, as if you saw the sea and the sky.

The light green and blue gold make this box more noble. The bright golden inner box can make the eyelashes in the box look more shiny, as if there are a few stars dotted on it.

25mm double mink eyelashes have built-in black. The length of this eyelash matches this box. 25mm mink eyelashes are also the most popular type of eyelashes in the United States in 2020. This kind of eyelashes can better reflect people’s unrestrained personality.

There is no minimum order quantity, you can design the logo according to your needs.Please contact me!!! My Whatsapp:+86 18563925813
There is no minimum order quantity, you can design the logo according to your needs.Please contact me!!! My Whatsapp:+86 18563925813

Black Friday holiday special box-Christmas box

December 25th will usher in the annual Christmas, and customers will also choose gifts for their friends this month. To celebrate this holiday, the eyelash designers of Proluxurylashes also designed many eyelash boxes for Christmas. Do you still want to design a unique eyelash box for Christmas?

We can print 3D or flat logos on your eyelash case, they have unique holiday logos. Products with holiday logos are much better than ordinary products. People will always buy some related products on special holidays. You can print popular pictures of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. and unique logos on the eyelash box, which will make your products very popular.

Christmas is an annual holiday, and most people take it seriously. During Christmas, many people will dress up as Santa Claus. For eyelash companies, this is an unlimited business opportunity. If you have prepared an eyelash set suitable for your makeup in advance, please sell it in advance. Let customers have enough time to buy.

Black Friday Eyelash Promotion

Due to the impact of COVID-19, people will not have the opportunity to purchase the products they need within the first six months of 2020. Others have reduced or no income. After months of buffering, people’s lives gradually returned to normal. But after this popularity, people have become more inclined to shop online. This can minimize contact with people. You can quickly browse the products you need and the offers of these products. The same goes for eyelashes, so what is the Black Friday eyelash set promotion?

COVID-19 has disrupted people’s lives, but it has also made people more accepting of changes in shopping methods such as online shopping or store delivery. After investigation, this Black Friday, people will be more welcome to accept new products. 64% said that compared with last year, they will be exposed to some new products this year. However, it will pay more attention to product quality and pursue cost-effectiveness.

Below I will recommend a few cost-effective eyelash sets.

Hot selling vegetarian eyelash sample pack

Only $45.9 Vegetarian Eyelash Sample Pack:

Ship by DHL Express, you will receive your eyelashes within 5 days.

The sample contains the following series:

Mixed mink eyelash sample pack

Eyelash sample pack for only $44.9:

Ship by DHL Express, you will receive your eyelashes within 5 days.

– 100% real mink whip and cruelty free
–Cotton stalk, comfortable to wear and waterproof
– 3D vivid and diverse, natural curly and realistic
– 100% handmade, can be reused 25-30 times
-Free shipping, delivery within 24 hours after payment
– 4 exquisite packages and 4 pairs of false eyelashes

Cost-effective eyelash sets will bring you more Black Friday eyelash sets promotions, allowing you to stand out in this Black Friday. ProluxuryLashes can provide you with a variety of special eyelash combinations, and can also combine some eyelash combinations for you.

As the best black friday lashes suppliers,We can provide you with the best goods.

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Knowledge about wearing contact lenses and eyelashes

Eye makeup includes the wearing of eyelashes and the wearing of cosmetic contact lenses and the application of other cosmetics. So what is the order of finishing the eye makeup? Can I wear false eyelashes after wearing cosmetic contact lenses? This is also a problem that plagues many people.

Can I wear cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes? Is this safe? A common misconception is that this is not safe and that the wearer of cosmetic contact lenses cannot wear false eyelashes. But the fact is indeed the opposite. You can also wear false eyelashes after wearing cosmetic contacts, but there are some precautions.

Wearing order

You must pay attention to the order of wearing cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes. We should wear cosmetic contact lenses first, followed by false eyelashes. Before applying anything to the eye area, always make sure to put on the cosmetic contact lenses first. Wearing eyelashes. This can effectively prevent the eyelashes from blocking the line of sight or falling into the eyes when wearing cosmetic lenses. It can ensure the cleanliness of the eyes to the greatest extent.

Second, the purpose of wearing cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes is to make yourself more beautiful. Because wearing cosmetic contact lenses is more complicated than wearing mink eyelashes. So after wearing the perfect pupil, you can try to wear various types of false eyelashes to make your makeup more beautiful.

Cosmetic contact lenses and eyelashes

Choose the right false eyelashes

False eyelashes: As far as false lashes are concerned, you can choose to use any one. However, we recommend that you choose softer eyelashes, such as mink fur, or silk eyelashes, because they will be softer and the material imitates real eyelashes. This avoids irritation as if any mink eyelashes happen to enter your eyes (very unlikely), which is similar to the eyelashes that you often drop yourself. In addition, unlike makeup products, false eyelashes have no expiration date or shelf life. As long as the false eyelashes are in a usable state or safely stored, you can use them anytime and anywhere you want! But you need to clean them regularly.

If you find itchy, red or sore eyes for any reason, please remove your makeup (eye shadow, mascara, etc.) immediately. If it happens again, avoid using that particular product and give your eyes a rest.

As the most professional eye makeup supplier, ProluxuryLashes provides the best eyelash products and its accessories. If you want to know more about eyelash products, please contact me.

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Proluxury Lashes New Style Eyelashes-40mm lashes

Proluxurylashes is customer-centric and hopes to help customers complete their mink lashes business. Therefore, Proluxurylashes eyelashes are always the best eyelash quality, and it is possible to design new eyelashes continuously. Only when we continue to design new eyelashes, our client can take the lead in entering his mink eyelashes market. Better occupy the eyelash market.Recently, we designed two 40mm 3D mink eyelashes.

40mm 3D mink eyelashes

Today, let me briefly introduce these two 40mm eyelashes.
We gave two names for the two eyelashes, namely Black Cat and Witch. Because our customers are gradually crazy orderers before the typical two eyelashes to dress up.

The 40mm eyelashes are much longer than the 25mm eyelashes. It is an excellent choice for those who like to participate in fancy dress parties and free-minded people.

More wholesale 3D mink lashes (By Length)

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CLICK HERE >>>>> 20-23mm Party/Festival 3D Mink Lashes supplier

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CLICK HERE >>>>> 28mm Sexy 3D Mink Lashes factory

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For eyelash merchants, we have prepared the following 40mm eyelashes display board, our 40mm eyelashes are limited to 200 pairs.

The 40mm long mink eyelashes will always attract people’s attention whether it is for Halloween or Christmas. Black Friday shopping month is coming soon. In addition to promotional activities, eyelash merchants always have other products that attract buyers. 40mm eyelashes are a good choice.

CLICK HERE>>>Black Friday under the virus——Eyelashes

CLICK HERE>>>Thanksgiving Shopping Guide-Eyelash Box

CLICK HERE>>>Thanksgiving eyelash shopping guide—eyelashes

CLICK HERE>>>Why Thanksgiving is a business opportunity for eyelash businesses

ProluxuryLashes will launch new eyelashes based on changes in social trends. While ensuring the quality of eyelashes, the style of eyelashes is the best. Let our eyelash businesses occupy the market faster and gain greater advantages.

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The Books Of The Eyelashes

In this era, not only the demand for eyelashes is increasing, but people also like eyelash boxes of different styles. Therefore, in foreign beauty shops, Customized eyelash book packing become more and more popular. This eyelash book not only looks high-end, but also very convenient. If you are a beauty shop, it is recommended that you have your own branded eyelash book, which will not only make you more professional, but also provide customers with more choices. Proluxurylashes is customer-centric and meets the needs of our customers. The following is our eyelash book:

Customized eyelash book packing service

Customized eyelash book packing can have many combinations. Our ordinary eyelash book contains two pairs of eyelashes, an eyelash tweezers and an eyelash glue. But we can also customize some eyelash boxes according to your needs, for example, it contains three pairs of eyelashes and an eyelash tweezers.

We can also change the color and inner color of the eyelash book, and we can also change the size of the eyelash book according to your needs.

When you have an eyelash book, your customers will have more choices. There are different styles of eyelashes in your eyelash book, and there is always one eyelash that the customer likes.

Our 3D mink eyelashes have no rivals in the market. Each of our eyelashes is 100% handmade mink eyelashes, and each pair of eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. It is a luxury item in eyelash products. The following are our different length eyelash types.

More wholesale 3D mink lashes (By Length)

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CLICK HERE >>>>> 16-18mm Daily 3D Mink Lashes wholesale

CLICK HERE >>>>> 20-23mm Party/Festival 3D Mink Lashes supplier

CLICK HERE >>>>> 25mm Luxury 3D Mink Lashes manufacturer

CLICK HERE >>>>> 28mm Sexy 3D Mink Lashes factory

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ProluxuryLashes can provide a variety of eyelash boxes, the types we can do are only you can’t think of, and we can’t do it without us. Do you want to see more types of eyelash boxes? Come contact me.

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High quality mink eyelashes have low price!!!

Just yesterday, a new customer of mine ordered some eyelash boxes from me. He felt very satisfied when he received the box. Want to order some eyelashes from me again. But when I said the price of eyelashes, he was very surprised. Soon I said: “My friend, the price of eyelashes is already more expensive than eyelash boxes, are you kidding me.” I said no. Our High quality mink eyelashes is this price.

When many new customers come to me to order eyelashes, they are very surprised by the price of eyelashes. How can they think eyelashes can be so expensive? How could it be more expensive than an eyelash box? Many customers have been ordering those low-quality eyelashes. There are many suppliers of cheap eyelashes in the market. This leads to customers’ instinctive belief that eyelashes should be cheaper than eyelash boxes. Actually not.

High quality mink eyelashes

The added value of eyelashes

The cheap eyelashes on the market just talk about quality, which is equivalent to a one-time product. After customers overlap once or twice, the eyelashes are scrapped. The number of uses. So, are our High quality mink eyelashes really expensive? And we will launch a new style of eyelashes every month, those cheap eyelash suppliers have no style at all, they just copy the outdated eyelash styles. Is this kind of poor quality, poor style and low price eyelashes really cheap? Or can you achieve the replacement effect you want later?

CLICK HERE>>>Will lower-priced eyelashes make more profit?

ProluxuryLashes is a manufacturer of eyelashes. Eyelash boxes, eyelash tweezers, eyelash glue, etc. are all launched to promote eyelashes. So it is normal that the price of eyelashes is higher than the price of the box.

Only if you have practiced your ability to know the quality of an eyelash product. There is no minimum order quantity for our eyelashes. You can order any quantity to check the quality of our eyelashes. You can also order a pair. Customers of ProluxuryLashes brand eyelashes will not buy those cheap eyelashes anymore.

If you want to order, please contact me as soon as possible.

More wholesale 3D mink lashes (By Length)

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CLICK HERE >>>>> 16-18mm Daily 3D Mink Lashes wholesale

CLICK HERE >>>>> 20-23mm Party/Festival 3D Mink Lashes supplier

CLICK HERE >>>>> 25mm Luxury 3D Mink Lashes manufacturer

CLICK HERE >>>>> 28mm Sexy 3D Mink Lashes factory

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Improvement of vegetarian eyelashes

Best vegan eyelashes extension are designed to cater to some vegetarian eyelashes. The raw materials of traditional vegetarian eyelashes basically use plastic as raw materials, and use sulfated syrup with a pungent chemical smell. If used for a long time, it will seriously damage our skin and real eyelashes, and even endanger our health. The research department of ProluxuryLashes has completely changed the definition of vegetarian eyelashes through continuous experiments. Let’s take a look at the changes.

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best vegan eyelashes extension

Improvement of raw materials

Traditional vegetarian eyelashes use plastic as the main raw material. This kind of eyelashes is not only harmful to the human body, but also very environmentally friendly, causing great harm to the environment. The real silk eyelashes developed by us are made of velvet as the main raw material. The eyelashes made of this material have luster and darker black, which can give people a strong visual experience.

Just this year, we invested a lot of ourselves and carried out a brand-new reform of vegetarian eyelashes, bringing vegetarian eyelashes to a new era. We launched magic wand eyelashes, which are made of bamboo protein fiber, which combines the luster of velvet with the softness of mink hair. Bamboo protein fiber eyelashes not only meet the needs of vegetarians, but also provide a comfortable experience.

Only ProluxuryLashes can provide eyelashes of this material in the world. This is a huge business opportunity for some merchants selling vegetarian eyelashes, and the price of this kind of eyelashes is not too expensive. Consumers are completely acceptable.

CLICK HERE>>>Sustainable Development, ProluxuryLashes act!

Improvement of production process

When you wear traditional vegetarian eyelashes, have you ever smelled a strong pungent chemical agent, which is the smell of sulfated syrup? They must soak the eyelashes in this chemical agent to produce the curvature of the eyelashes. And if the eyelashes made by this process touch water, the curvature of the eyelashes will disappear, which is equivalent to disposable eyelashes.

After continuous research by our scientific researchers, we use the temperature control technology of eyelash curvature. This end does not require the use of any chemical reagents. The vegan eyelashes made by the physical ironing process have more beautiful curvature, and the best vegan eyelashes extension are softer.

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We can confidently say that currently only our company has this technology, and this technology is also our core competitiveness. We all insist on using the highest quality raw materials and the most fashionable designs. Stable quality improves customer satisfaction, and we continue to introduce new styles to adapt to the trend. We have accumulated a number of long-term customers. Fast delivery enables customers to stabilize the supply of goods and better meet customer needs. We strive to cancel after-sales service because we strive to do our best without shortcomings. We are the manufacturer and leader in the eyelash market.

Whether you choose velvet eyelashes or bamboo protein fiber eyelashes, ProluxuryLashes is your best choice.

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The sample is the representative of quality

In this era of global information integration. Online shopping has become an indispensable demand in people’s lives. While online shopping brings convenience, it also brings some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that the quality of the product cannot be determined. It is easy to deceive consumers. The trust in online shopping is also getting lower. Recently, some customers came to me for the first time to order eyelashes and asked how the quality of our eyelashes is. I said to him: Any business will tell customers that their products are of good quality. The best way for you is to order one or several pairs of eyelashes from us as a sample for testing. So what are the benefits of luxury 3D mink lashes sample for consumers?

luxury 3D mink lashes sample
luxury 3D mink lashes sample

Prevent being deceived

In the Internet age, the theft of pictures and videos has become easier and easier. Some criminals pretend to be eyelash suppliers to deceive consumers and send consumers pictures and videos of eyelashes. Let consumers mistakenly believe that they have their own eyelash factory and eyelash company, which is a distance enterprise. When the consumer pays, it does not ship to the consumer.

The luxury 3D mink lashes sample can effectively avoid this problem. When a customer cooperates with an unfamiliar company for the first time, he can buy a sample for more than ten dollars to determine whether the company is a real eyelash company and whether it has actual products. This is the benefits of sample.

Determine the quality and style of eyelashes

For eyelashes, you can be sure that it is really suitable for you, and it is also an effective way to check the quality. You can really feel the weight and curling effect of the eyelashes.

The use of samples is also an effective method for custom-made eyelash boxes. When you send the pattern to the eyelash business, they will make you an electronic picture, not a real product. The color difference between the electronic picture and the real you is also very large. After you buy a sample of the box for three dollars, you can clearly see the real color and check the quality of the eyelash box.

This is why I recommend customers to buy samples. ProluxuryLashes hope to have a long-term cooperative relationship with customers and gradually build trust with customers. Let our eyelash products speak for us, and the quality of the product will prove everything for us. Do you want to have our eyelash samples too?

Helpful Information for Eyelashes Business Beginner

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Do you want to be rich? Start a lashes business at home

A man holding a wallet full of money. Do you want to be as rich as him? Hurry up and start a lashes business at home.

Sometimes, we can’t get away from the busy family chores. Maybe it’s taking care of a crying baby or an elderly parent and so on. To achieve economic independence and increase family income, the best way is to start a business at home. Some people may say, “what kind of business should I choose? It’s too difficult.” If you’re confused, why don’t you try to listen to me? I have a good suggestion and choice–Start a lashes business at home. The specific reasons are as follows.

Everyone who pursues beauty and fashion may become your customer of false eyelash business

People tend to follow the crowd. For example, if you are hesitant between two products, your final decision is often to choose the more popular one. And popular products usually have the advantages that most people like. False eyelashes are such products. Choose false eyelashes, can let your business have a good development trend.

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

The fake eyelash business doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time learning new skills

Technical projects often require a long learning time and can not be started quickly in a short period of time, like Nail Art and tattoos. It’s not appropriate for people who want to start a business at home. On the contrary, fake eyelashes business does not need too many professional skills, it is very convenient to start from scratch and won’t take up too much time

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

It’s easier to achieve a project that doesn’t require too many budget

It takes capital to start a business. Projects that require too much budget are usually complex and need to pay attention to many details, which are not suitable to be completed at home. In addition, businesses with a small budget are more likely to be affordable for people who want to do business at home. False eyelash business belongs to a small capital business. Small capital usually means less risk and less psychological burden and pressure for business people. So, it is not difficult to start a lashes business at home

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

Choose a good eyelash supplier, you can save a lot of trouble

It’s easier to start a business with fake eyelashes. For most entrepreneurs, the issues to consider are quite complex, including office space, office staff, product production, product sales and so on.A good supplier can solve most of the problems for a fake eyelash business. He can provide excellent products, share marketing channels and so on, so as to ease your difficulties and make your eyelash business more successful. About how to choose eyelash supplier, this is a big topic. There are articles on this topic that I have shared on my homepage.

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

Considering the above key points, I think eyelashes business is a very great choice. It’s very popular, it’s growing well, and it’s suitable for starting a business at home through social media.

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