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How to choose a good eyelash vendor?

Now in the market, eyelash suppliers are more and more. Choosing a supplier is not a difficult thing, but choosing a good supplier is a difficult thing. Many people who have just started the eyelash business are confused and do not know how to choose a good supplier. There are some who want to change eyelash suppliers, do not know how to choose. So today, I’ll tell you how to choose a good eyelash vendor.

Exchange and communication

Cooperation with a person is inevitable without communication and communication. So, you need to know his attitude by chatting with the supplier. Since to cooperate to show sincerity, if the other side’s attitude is bad, then there is no need to choose him. And you need to know if this supplier is credible. Suppliers without credibility must not cooperate with them. A sincere supplier will not change your attitude because of your order size. The supplier you choose, whether your order is large or small, can be very responsible. Such a supplier is good.

choose a good eyelash vendor--Exchange and communication

Product quality

The quality of eyelashes is very critical, which is directly related to the development of your eyelash business. Be sure to choose a supplier with good eyelash quality. The quality of eyelashes determines whether you can retain customers. In particular, at the beginning of the eyelash business customers must choose good quality eyelashes. It is critical to start accumulating customers. Don’t buy low price and poor quality eyelashes, which is not good for your eyelash business. Be sure to check the quality of eyelashes so that you can attract more customers and stabilize old customers.

choose a good eyelash vendor--Product quality

Delivery time

If you choose a good eyelash vendor, be sure to confirm the delivery time with him. The delivery time of the general sample is within 5-7 days. The delivery time of the order is within 15 days. Determining the delivery time is also an important part of confirming the supplier’s reputation. Some suppliers may delay delivery because of small orders. This greatly affects the sales of wholesalers. For business people, time is money. We can’t waste our time in these places.

Type of product

A good eyelash vendor should have a variety of products. Different customers will have different needs and different visions. so about the eyelash style, the supplier should have many kinds. You can order a variety of styles so that your customers can have a variety of choices. At present in the market very popular style is 3 D mink eyelashes, now suppliers will basically have this eyelash. you need to learn to distinguish the material of 3 D mink eyelashes. Many people now use fake Siberian mink fur.

As a professional eyelash supplier, Proluxurylashes have been engaged in the eyelash industry for 15 years. Our eyelashes are of very good quality. all lashes are purely handmade with 100% mink lashes. And our reputation has been very good, delivery time is very accurate. If you are interested in Proluxurylashes, contact me quickly.

How to choose lashes supplier?

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

How to customize eyelashes wholesale

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Black Friday for eyelash merchants

Black Friday is an annual sales promotion conference in the United States. Eyelash merchants are also involved. And carry out discount promotions on their products. ProluxuryLashes, as the best black friday lashes suppliers in China, has also prepared many high-quality new products and promotional activities for this Black Friday.

1.There is no minimum order quantity for our eyelashes

2.Shipping only takes 3 days

3.There are a variety of new boxes

Below is our catalogue

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2020 Black Friday New Eyelash Case-Contrast Color

Gradient colors make people full of mysterious and romantic atmosphere of unlimited changes. The blue gradient color gives a fresh feeling. When you see this box, you will feel refreshed and happy, as if you saw the sea and the sky.

The light green and blue gold make this box more noble. The bright golden inner box can make the eyelashes in the box look more shiny, as if there are a few stars dotted on it.

25mm double mink eyelashes have built-in black. The length of this eyelash matches this box. 25mm mink eyelashes are also the most popular type of eyelashes in the United States in 2020. This kind of eyelashes can better reflect people’s unrestrained personality.

There is no minimum order quantity, you can design the logo according to your needs.Please contact me!!! My Whatsapp:+86 18563925813
There is no minimum order quantity, you can design the logo according to your needs.Please contact me!!! My Whatsapp:+86 18563925813

Black Friday holiday special box-Christmas box

December 25th will usher in the annual Christmas, and customers will also choose gifts for their friends this month. To celebrate this holiday, the eyelash designers of Proluxurylashes also designed many eyelash boxes for Christmas. Do you still want to design a unique eyelash box for Christmas?

We can print 3D or flat logos on your eyelash case, they have unique holiday logos. Products with holiday logos are much better than ordinary products. People will always buy some related products on special holidays. You can print popular pictures of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. and unique logos on the eyelash box, which will make your products very popular.

Christmas is an annual holiday, and most people take it seriously. During Christmas, many people will dress up as Santa Claus. For eyelash companies, this is an unlimited business opportunity. If you have prepared an eyelash set suitable for your makeup in advance, please sell it in advance. Let customers have enough time to buy.

Black Friday Eyelash Promotion

Due to the impact of COVID-19, people will not have the opportunity to purchase the products they need within the first six months of 2020. Others have reduced or no income. After months of buffering, people’s lives gradually returned to normal. But after this popularity, people have become more inclined to shop online. This can minimize contact with people. You can quickly browse the products you need and the offers of these products. The same goes for eyelashes, so what is the Black Friday eyelash set promotion?

COVID-19 has disrupted people’s lives, but it has also made people more accepting of changes in shopping methods such as online shopping or store delivery. After investigation, this Black Friday, people will be more welcome to accept new products. 64% said that compared with last year, they will be exposed to some new products this year. However, it will pay more attention to product quality and pursue cost-effectiveness.

Below I will recommend a few cost-effective eyelash sets.

Hot selling vegetarian eyelash sample pack

Only $45.9 Vegetarian Eyelash Sample Pack:

Ship by DHL Express, you will receive your eyelashes within 5 days.

The sample contains the following series:

Mixed mink eyelash sample pack

Eyelash sample pack for only $44.9:

Ship by DHL Express, you will receive your eyelashes within 5 days.

– 100% real mink whip and cruelty free
–Cotton stalk, comfortable to wear and waterproof
– 3D vivid and diverse, natural curly and realistic
– 100% handmade, can be reused 25-30 times
-Free shipping, delivery within 24 hours after payment
– 4 exquisite packages and 4 pairs of false eyelashes

Cost-effective eyelash sets will bring you more Black Friday eyelash sets promotions, allowing you to stand out in this Black Friday. ProluxuryLashes can provide you with a variety of special eyelash combinations, and can also combine some eyelash combinations for you.

As the best black friday lashes suppliers,We can provide you with the best goods.

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How to determine the true and false of the supplier?

The most critical step in starting your own eyelash business is to find a qualified supplier. A qualified supplier can help you quickly establish a brand, let you have enough goods, let you continuously launch new products, and make your eyelash business bigger and bigger. But in the Internet age, it is not easy to find a real eyelash supplier across the ocean. Many merchants who have just started their own eyelash business have found a fake eyelash supplier, and more and more cases of being cheated. So how to judge the authenticity of eyelash suppliers? Below I will explain several methods to help you identify the real 3d mink eyelash supplier.

real 3d mink eyelash supplier

Through fieldwork

The safest and most troublesome way is through on-site inspections. During the field visit, you can clearly understand the production scale of your suppliers and see their production process. In order to judge whether they are professional and authentic. But this judgment method takes a lot of time and energy. So if it is not a last resort, this method is not recommended.

Investigate through online live broadcast

The Internet era has brought great convenience to people. Businessmen who have just started a business can use live broadcast to replace field exams. This is also a new trend in the future.

real 3d mink eyelash supplier

Order samples

A real eyelash supplier should have its own eyelash factory. The ability to make a private order is an important way to judge whether there is a factory. You can order a more complicated box from the supplier, and order some eyelashes of special length. After receiving the samples, you can check their quality and style. To determine if they are a real eyelash supplier.

real 3d mink eyelash supplier

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By viewing the documents

Every real eyelash supplier will have their certificate. And their companies and factories can be found on Google. When you meet a new supplier, you can ask them for the photo of the certificate and the company’s registration information. Suppliers with complete basic documents are real 3d mink eyelash supplier.

Today’s customers continue to doubt their suppliers at the beginning. We fully understand the fear of being deceived by the customer, and the customer is not wrong, just a lack of trust. After all, trading on the Internet over such a long distance. The risk is very large.

ProluxuryLashes has its own eyelash company and eyelash factory, which can provide a variety of customized eyelash products. We hope to establish a long-term trust relationship with customers and become friends with customers. Welcome all eyelash merchants to test us.

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Do you want to be rich? Start a lashes business at home

A man holding a wallet full of money. Do you want to be as rich as him? Hurry up and start a lashes business at home.

Sometimes, we can’t get away from the busy family chores. Maybe it’s taking care of a crying baby or an elderly parent and so on. To achieve economic independence and increase family income, the best way is to start a business at home. Some people may say, “what kind of business should I choose? It’s too difficult.” If you’re confused, why don’t you try to listen to me? I have a good suggestion and choice–Start a lashes business at home. The specific reasons are as follows.

Everyone who pursues beauty and fashion may become your customer of false eyelash business

People tend to follow the crowd. For example, if you are hesitant between two products, your final decision is often to choose the more popular one. And popular products usually have the advantages that most people like. False eyelashes are such products. Choose false eyelashes, can let your business have a good development trend.

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

The fake eyelash business doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time learning new skills

Technical projects often require a long learning time and can not be started quickly in a short period of time, like Nail Art and tattoos. It’s not appropriate for people who want to start a business at home. On the contrary, fake eyelashes business does not need too many professional skills, it is very convenient to start from scratch and won’t take up too much time

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

It’s easier to achieve a project that doesn’t require too many budget

It takes capital to start a business. Projects that require too much budget are usually complex and need to pay attention to many details, which are not suitable to be completed at home. In addition, businesses with a small budget are more likely to be affordable for people who want to do business at home. False eyelash business belongs to a small capital business. Small capital usually means less risk and less psychological burden and pressure for business people. So, it is not difficult to start a lashes business at home

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

Choose a good eyelash supplier, you can save a lot of trouble

It’s easier to start a business with fake eyelashes. For most entrepreneurs, the issues to consider are quite complex, including office space, office staff, product production, product sales and so on.A good supplier can solve most of the problems for a fake eyelash business. He can provide excellent products, share marketing channels and so on, so as to ease your difficulties and make your eyelash business more successful. About how to choose eyelash supplier, this is a big topic. There are articles on this topic that I have shared on my homepage.

A pair of eyelashes and don't hesitate to start a lashes business at home

Considering the above key points, I think eyelashes business is a very great choice. It’s very popular, it’s growing well, and it’s suitable for starting a business at home through social media.

  What are you waiting for? Get on with it

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How to select a false eyelash business?

The Internet era has truly realized that there is no difficult business in the world. Everyone has many business platforms on hand. INS, FACEBOOK, ALIBABA, etc. The platform has been selected, there are many manufacturers now, and it is also easy to find through the Internet, so what kind of products to choose? What kind of products is suitable for you? Selection is important! This article will tell you about some selection suggestions and how to select false eyelash business.

People are in the showroom(how to select false eyelash business)
Selection is important

What kind of product do you choose to do?

How to select false eyelash business? Choose the product, first of all, you must like the product, at least the product you are interested in. If you are engaged in a career that is exactly your hobbies, then congratulations, you are about to enter an interesting life trip! “Like and love” will immerse yourself infinitely in you, I do not know Working tirelessly, you will have confidence in the future. The law of attraction tells you what you believe and what you will get! Of course, the premise is to choose the products you like to do among the products with high customer demand. It depends on whether the customer likes it or not, because after all it is a commercial activity, and the products that can be sold are good products. With your passion for products and customers’ needs for products, this will be a good start!

Faced with so many vendors, how to choose?!

After choosing the product you want to make, the next step is to find a reliable supplier. In the past, when the network was not developed, most people could only go to the exhibition to find suppliers, and the suppliers at the exhibition were basically foreign trade companies. The manufacturers and foreign trade companies were independent, and the foreign trade companies were not supported by physical enterprises. In the lure of profits, foreign trade companies look for cheap manufacturers to make goods after taking orders, which seriously causes buyers to receive large goods and the samples seen at the exhibition are different. Moreover, without the support of physical factories, foreign trade companies cannot control the delivery date!

Therefore, in the current network era, we must choose factories that have the ability to develop their own foreign trade departments. It is recommended that buyers must choose physical factories to cooperate!

But everyone says that they are factories, how to distinguish it?!

If you are at a trade show, products like eyelashes, be sure to see if the exhibitor has brought enough goods? Instead of just bringing a few samples, all the rest are posted photos?

Mink hair eyelashes are expensive and the products are small. If the exhibiting company has the ability to bring a variety of models and a lot of products, then you can choose. He should have a factory.

Everyone says that they are a manufacturer, how to identify?

Everyone on the Internet says that they are a manufacturer, and everyone can easily copy other people’s pictures and display them on their own network. It is really difficult to distinguish, but God always favors everyone who works hard, including Google. In rewarding hard-working and persistent people. When in doubt, you should click on his website to observe and observe. Has his website done well? Does speaking with you make you feel sincere enough? Do you have the ability to innovate? Can you have the strength to help you develop the market? Have the strength to help you solve the problems in the process of selling goods? His delivery time is Isn’t it fast enough? The most important thing is not to rush to place an order, let alone to place a large order, to see if his quality and delivery time are stable?

Test slowly. Believe in your own feelings, sincerely can not deceive people!

Selection is very important! Choose the right product, you can do it with peace of mind, show your enthusiasm, and work hard to realize your dream!

If you want to learn more about product selection and entrepreneurship, please click on my next blog!

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