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False Eyelashes Gift for Mother in 2021

Today is a sacred day for all women – Women’s Day. All women should be given a bouquet of flowers today. Did you send a bouquet of flowers to your mother? Women’s Day is like Mother’s Day in our eyes because on this day we always give our mother some gifts. So, have you ever thought about choosing a pair of false eyelashes for your mother as a gift?

Supernatural 3D and A lashes

3D series of eyelashes are polygonal eyelashes. Their length is between 15 and 18 mm, and the length of human natural eyelashes is below 15 mm. So this eyelash is very natural to wear. A series of eyelashes are single curvature, this eyelash is more natural than 3D series of eyelashes. A series of eyelashes are close to people’s real eyelashes.

The two eyelashes recommended for you are natural. Because mothers generally prefer natural styles. At their age, they rarely use more than 22 mm of eyelashes, which is inappropriate for them. Exaggerated eyelashes are more suitable for young people.

Pick the eyelash box

After choosing eyelashes, choose an eyelash box with eyelashes. This takes into account the type your mother likes. If she likes solid color eyelash box, then Proluxurylashes suggest choosing star flash paper material eyelash box for her. This kind of eyelash box looks very beautiful. Shape recommended diamond. The diamond eyelash box of star flash paper looks very noble and gorgeous, and your mother will like it. If she doesn’t like solid eyelash boxes, then I suggest you choose a paper card eyelash box. Choose a color she likes to cover the top of the eyelash box and print roses or carnations. This can express your love for your mother.

If you have more ideas about eyelash boxes can be discussed with me.

Glue and tweezers

the glue we have a black, white and transparent color. Tweezers have a variety of colors to choose from. If you think glue is ordinary, you are recommended to give an eyeliner pen. Eyeliner pen can be used as glue as well as eyeliner, very convenient. Some mothers may be too old to draw eyeliner, so eyeliner pencil can solve this problem.

These are my suggestions for false eyelashes gift, I hope they can help you. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

How to choose lashes supplier?

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

How to customize eyelashes wholesale

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How To Choose Best Lash Vendors?

Lash vendors are more and more in the market now. Choosing a supplier is not a difficult thing, but choosing best lash vendors is a difficult thing. Many people who have just started the eyelash business are confused and do not know how to choose best lash vendors. There are some who want to changeest lash vendors, do not know how to choose. So today, I’ll tell you eyelash business ideas on how to choose a good eyelash vendor.

Exchange and Communication

Cooperation with a person is inevitable without communication and communication. So, you need to know his attitude by chatting with the best lash vendors. Since to cooperate to show sincerity, if the other side’s attitude is bad, then there is no need to choose him. And you need to know if this lash factory is credible. lash vendors without credibility must not cooperate with them. A sincere lash vendor will not change your attitude because of your order size. The supplier you choose, whether your order is large or small, can be very responsible. Such a supplier is good.

Eyelash display box, from a good eyelash vendor

Eyelash Display Case

Consumers' evaluation of quality eyelash suppliers

Feedback from the best lash vendors’consumers

Best Lash Vendors

The quality of eyelashes is very critical, which is directly related to the development of your eyelash business. Be sure to choose a vendors with best natural false eyelashes . The quality of eyelashes determines whether you can retain customers. In particular, at the beginning of the eyelash business customers must choose good quality eyelashes. It is critical to start accumulating customers. Don’t buy low price and poor quality eyelashes, which is not good for your eyelash business. Be sure to check the quality of eyelashes so that you can attract more customers and stabilize old customers.

The  product difference between bad and  good  lash vendors

Different Eyelash Contrast

Delivery time

If you choose a good eyelash vendor, be sure to confirm the delivery time with him. The delivery time of the general sample is within 5-7 days. The delivery time of the order is within 15 days. Determining the delivery time is also an important part of confirming the supplier’s reputation. Some suppliers may delay delivery because of small orders. This greatly affects the sales of wholesalers. For business people, time is money. We can’t waste our time in these places.

Customized Best Lash Vendors

A good eyelash vendor should have a variety of products. Different customers will have different needs and different visions. so about the eyelash style, the supplier should have many kinds .Or he could be a eyelash cases wholesale supplier and eyelash tweezer manufacturer. You can order a variety of styles so that your customers can have a variety of choices. At present in the market very popular style is mink lashes 3d, now suppliers will basically have this eyelash. you need to learn to distinguish the material of 3D mink eyelashes. Many people now use fake Siberian mink fur.

As a professional mink lashes beauty supply vendor, Proluxurylashes have been engaged in the eyelash industry for 15 years. Our eyelashes are of very good quality. all lashes are purely handmade with 100% mink lashes. And our reputation has been very good, delivery time is very accurate. If you are interested in Proluxurylashes, contact me quickly.

How to choose lashes supplier?

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

How to customize eyelashes wholesale

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long-term benefits of mink eyelashes business

Since the choice of mink eyelashes business should be long-term development in this industry. The eyelash business needs to save customers to make more money. So this is a long-term accumulation process. In recent exchanges with customers, many people think our mink eyelashes are very expensive. Now many customers only see the price higher than other suppliers, but do not care why. Many people in the eyelash market only care about short-term profits but ignore long-term profits. Lead to the current eyelash market is very chaotic so that many customers can not start.

The reason why mink lashes are expensive

I believe many old customers know that the quality of Proluxurylashes mink eyelashes is very good, so there is a reason. We’ve been on the high end. Our eyelashes are made of Siberian mink hair, and all eyelashes are made by hand. The workforce and material resources we spend are huge, so the cost of eyelashes is very high, which is why our eyelashes are more expensive than others. Our eyelashes are indeed more expensive than others because of our good quality. Many people in the market now cheat customers with fake Siberian mink hair, but many don’t know. Siberian mink hair is very expensive, so some low-priced eyelashes on the market are definitely not pure Siberian mink hair. Hope customers can recognize clearly. Siberian mink hair is used for high-end eyelashes but is deceived by fake people who cut prices.

mink eyelashes business--Handmade eyelashes making process
Handmade eyelashes making process

Focus on long-term benefits

Why about focusing on the long-term benefits of the mink eyelash business? Because of the confusion in the market now, many customers are willing to buy fake mink eyelashes at low prices. What I want to tell you about this kind of customer is that the low price eyelashes you buy can really bring you profits. But only short-term profits, not long-term profits. Now that we have chosen the eyelash industry, we have to find a way to stand firm. Low-price eyelashes don’t help you attract customers, and customer loyalty is low. Because of the poor quality. Such sales can give you short-term profits, but over time will be eliminated by the eyelash industry. If you wait until you face elimination to regret, that time is late. So I hope every customer can carefully consider the selected supplier.

mink eyelashes business

Proluxurylashes eyelashes not only high quality but also can bring you long-term profits so that you in the eyelash industry steady heel. We make money together, isn’t that what you want? We have a lot of long-term customers who can see the situation clearly. The mink eyelashes business is getting bigger and bigger. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult me.

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If you want to know how to choose an eyelash supplier, please click here>>>

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

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How do false eyelash customers communicate?

There are a lot of new eyelash business customers, in communication with their customers some problems make them more distressed. They don’t know how to communicate well with customers, and even lose some customers because of their own words. So, how to communicate with false eyelash customers?

Have a good attitude

The customer is God. Whether you are selling online or offline, be sure to pay attention to your service attitude. Be patient in answering customer questions and never show some impatience. Customers will never tolerate some of your little emotions. If you sell online, say hello or talk about something customers like. Let the customer have an impression of you, so that even if the customer does not buy now, the future will naturally think of you. If you sell offline, you can help her choose some eyelashes according to the customer’s eyes and introduce some characteristics of eyelashes to her. Make her think your service attitude is very good.

After-sales service

The so-called eyelash after-sales service is not like other things after-sales service. Some false eyelash customers may not wear false eyelashes or do not know how to save and clean. This time you need to answer these questions for them. You can keep in touch with customers for a long time and greet them on holidays to deepen the customer’s impression of you and facilitate the second purchase. So you can have a repeat guest. Never make a profit on a single purchase, the idea is not to make your eyelash business long.

If you have the ability to create a website dedicated to their own products, so that online customers to choose, but also convenient for offline customers to select and then directly to the store to buy. If you want to do your eyelash business for a long time, good service for fake eyelash customers is essential.

If you have any other questions about eyelashes, you can consult me at any time. Proluxurylashes always serve you.

If you want to know the reason for starting an eyelash business, click here>>>

If you want to know how to start the eyelash business in 2021, click here>>>

If you want to know how to choose an eyelash supplier, please click here>>>

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Eyelash business under the lockdown in Australia

Just today I received some urgent news. Because of COVID-19, Australia is about to be locked down. People cannot leave the city they are in, and people outside cannot enter Australia. International express delivery is also prohibited. This is a fatal blow to Australian eyelash businesses. Because eyelashes are used as fast-moving consumer goods. The cycle is short, orders are frequent, and sales are fast. Add the words that cannot be transported internationally. Australia’s own eyelash businesses are facing a shortage of eyelashes in bulk australia and demand exceeds supply. In this case, how should Australian eyelash businesses deal with it?

Order enough goods as soon as possible

The most effective way for Australia’s eyelash businesses to close the country’s shortage of goods is to order enough eyelash products in advance. Why is this the most effective method? The first eyelash product has no shelf life. As long as it is placed in a dry and cool place, it will not deteriorate in 10 years. Eyelash merchants can confidently order boldly. Even if the sales are not completed during the closure of the country, the sales can continue in the future. Second, during the period of the country’s closure, the people of Australia cannot do online transnational shopping, and the local online shopping and the real economy will surely grow rapidly. As a consumable, eyelashes will surely increase their sales. Below I will show some new styles of eyelash products launched by ProluxuryLashes.

In a fully enclosed situation, new things and new products can always attract people’s attention and guide people to purchase.


No one knows when COVID-19 will disappear. No one knows how long Australia’s lockdown will last. No one knows who will be the next country to be sealed off. Therefore, for Australian eyelash businesses, hoarding goods quickly these days is the best choice. For eyelash merchants in other countries, purchase goods in a planned way. Ensure that your goods can be a sudden situation.

No matter how the world changes, people’s lives will continue. As an eyelashes supplier in bulk australia, ProluxuryLashes will stand with eyelash merchants all over the world to deal with various difficulties.

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How to choose office eyelashes

There are many occasions to wear eyelashes, such as weddings, fancy dress parties, workplace wear and so on. There are many types of eyelashes. Today we will talk about which eyelashes are suitable for professionals to wear. Which is the best Office eyelashes extension.

Office eyelashes extension-13mm 3D mink eyelashes

The 13mm mink eyelashes perfectly meet this requirement. The 13mm mink eyelashes perfectly meet this requirement. The length of 13 mm is similar to the length of human natural eyelashes. After that, mink hair is used as the raw material for the large and own eyelashes. The molecular structure of mink hair is similar to that of human natural eyelashes. It is closer to human natural eyelashes in softness and curvature.

Types of 13mm mink eyelashes

There are different types of 13mm mink eyelashes. Their styles are also different. But the price of the following eyelashes is the same. And there is no minimum order quantity for our eyelash products. Any quantity can be ordered. If you want to know which are the best selling 13mm mink eyelashes or want to know more about Office eyelashes extension, please contact me. My WhatsApp: +86 18563925813.

The best mink eyelash supplier

ProluxuryLashes has been engaged in the eyelash industry for decades, as the best eyelash supplier in China. Can provide the best quality and latest style eyelash products. We have produced more than 2,000 different eyelash styles. Whether you are an eyelash business that has been on the battlefield or a novice who wants to work in the eyelash industry. ProluxuryLashes are your best choice. We can provide merchandise assistance to eyelash businesses. It can also provide detailed business plans for eyelash novices. Make your eyelash business better and better.

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We also offer mink eyelashes of different lengths and vegetarian eyelashes. Such as 16 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and so on. We can also customize it according to your needs.

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How to do business with customers better

In recent days, several eyelash dealers have discussed with me. What should I do when doing business with customers?What is a good lash business plan?

Asking means interested

The customer asks you about the price of eyelashes, which means that he is aware of and interested in eyelashes. They take the initiative to contact you, so as long as you are not a peer, you should cherish it. Time is precious now, don’t make customers wait too long. Unless the peer asks for the price. If you are a peer, you don’t care.

What is a good lash business plan

Customers are interested in 3D mink eyelashes, but if they are not very professional, they need help and guidance. You need to understand the customer’s situation, stand on the customer’s point of view, and think for the customer. See where his needs for eyelashes are. What length of eyelashes is suitable for him, what material of eyelashes, and how much budget does he have to buy eyelashes.

Determine the customer type

After the customer understands our basic situation. We also need to ask him a few simple questions. These questions are easy for customers to answer, and you can also grasp the customer’s situation.

For example: “Did you buy mink by yourself or sell it?” “Have you bought 3D false eyelashes before?” “Which style of mink whip do you like?” Different customers ask them different questions.

What is a good lash business plan

Determine whether the customer is a wholesaler or an individual buyer based on the professionalism of the customer’s answer and the number of purchases.

Provide customer options

After understanding the customer’s needs, you can make some suggestions to the customer. Provide valuable information. Provide customers with several suitable solutions and let them choose by themselves. This is to prevent customers from not knowing what they want when faced with many products. At this time, providing solutions to customers is like pointing the direction to customers. More can promote customers to purchase.

Price discussion with customers

After the customer has viewed the eyelash products, no matter what the price of your product is, the customer will bargain with you. Don’t lower your price easily at this time. To highlight the advantages of their products, including quality advantages and style advantages. Under normal circumstances, customers will accept your price. If the customer must ask for a lower price, you can give him some gifts. If the customer still does not agree, you can tell the customer: If you increase the number of purchases, we will lower the price for you. Make customers feel passive.

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Bargaining with you means that the customer is very satisfied with your product, but he wants to make more profits. Easy price reduction is a taboo in business.

Doing business with different people has different solutions. If you want to sell your products better and learn more about lash business plan, please contact ProluxuryLashes, please leave a message below and let us discuss together.

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Fall of Argentine superstar Maradona

On November 25, 2020, Argentine football superstar Maradona died of a sudden cardiac arrest at home at the age of 60. A generation of legends fell into the world like shooting stars. Countless fans voluntarily saw him off. It also includes many female fans who are officially dressed, 25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans. Take the last look at the idol in his most beautiful appearance.

25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans

Maradona’s life

Maradona was born in Argentina. He is a famous football player, coach and midfielder in Argentina. He has dedicated all his life to football. In 1975, Maradona played for the first time in the Argentine League. In 1977, he led the Argentina team to win the World Youth Football Championship. In 1978, he became the youngest top scorer in history. In 1986, Maradona led the Argentina team to win the World Cup. When Maradona was interviewed as a child, he said that he had two dreams. The first dream was to participate in the Football World Cup, and the other was to win the Football World Cup. Maradona fulfilled his own dream. Become a role model for countless people.

Farewell to Maradona

Maradona is undoubtedly one of the best football players in the world. Maradona’s departure left countless fans in tears. Including a large number of female fans. They dressed up in their most beautiful looks, and sent off Maradona with the best gesture to see Maradona for the last time. Argentina is located in South America. The local women are unrestrained and free, and they also love football. Their facial makeup gives a strong visual impact. They especially like to wear 25mm eyelashes. The natural big eyes make them more beautiful when wearing 25mm eyelashes.25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans.

25mm eyelashes for Maradona fans

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The production process of ProluxuryLashes’ 25mm mink eyelashes uses a unique physical ironing process in the world to keep the eyelashes curled. It also makes the eyelashes waterproof, whether it is tears for farewell or rain, just rinse them with clean water after wearing them and let them dry naturally.

Argentine female fans wear these eyelashes to show themselves the most beautiful posture, to bid farewell to their idols of life.

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Unique Black Friday——2020 Shopping under COVID-19

Black Friday in 2020 is different from any Black Friday in the past. This Black Friday is an online shopping frenzy, a phenomenon that was difficult to see in the past. It is also the best time for merchants to sell this year. The same goes for the Black Friday Eyelash Promotion.

Black Friday Eyelash Promotion

Changes in consumer mainstream

The continuous shopping habits led by the new generation have become a fashion. Global data shows that mobile shopping for this age group during the holiday season has increased by 50% year-on-year, and more than 30% of them have sent messages to communicate with companies. More than 80% of this generation made online purchases during COVID-19.

This is a huge opportunity for eyelash businesses. Eyelash merchants can take this opportunity to build an online shopping platform or conduct simple online promotion. Provide a barrier-free shopping experience for this generation. Women in this generation are precisely the important group wearing eyelashes.

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Retaliatory consumption

When people face economic challenges, people always give priority to shopping during the promotion season. COVID-19 has left a large number of people without income in the worst three months. In recent months, people have slowly returned to their old lives. But after this economic challenge, people have become more sensitive to prices.

For the eyelashes on the shelves, the promotional season activities have a great temptation for those who wear eyelashes all year round. They may make higher consumption during the promotion season, and take advantage of the discount to hoard a lot of goods for next year. And in the first half of 2020, people basically did not shop. Therefore, during the promotion season of Black Friday, there will be retaliatory consumption. Eyelash merchants have to cater to their preferences to purchase eyelash products and accelerate their purchases through promotional discounts. So we should make Black Friday Eyelash Promotion.

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Human weakness

When people encounter difficulties, especially when the whole world is in difficulties, people need some ways to adjust their mentality and reward themselves. During the economic crisis in 2008, products such as lipstick, eyelashes, and ice cream, which were cheap and quickly brought joy to oneself, were very popular. The same is true in 2020. People will buy eyelashes to dress up during the promotion season, so that they can temporarily forget the pressure and difficulties. The main point is that the price of false eyelashes is very low compared to other luxury products, but it can quickly improve happiness. Therefore, false eyelashes will be gifts that women buy for themselves during the promotion season. According to research, 74% of people buy things for themselves during the promotion season.

Eyelash businesses need to help women find their favorite products, and give certain discounts to quickly improve their happiness.

2020 is an unusual year, and Black Friday in 2020 is also unique. This Black Friday will be the one with the largest sales and the largest number of buyers. Eyelash businesses must prepare their own products to deal with this huge business opportunity. ProluxuryLashes will provide you with the best quality goods and become your strongest backing.

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How to customize eyelash boxes in ProluxuryLashes?

In this era, more and more people are pursuing uniqueness. The same goes for eyelash boxes. The unique eyelash box can help you sell better and better promote your own brand. Recently, many customers have asked me to make eyelash boxes? So what should I pay attention to when looking for ProluxuryLashes Customized service of high-end eyelash box?

About shape

First of all, please tell us the specific shape of the custom eyelash box you want. Before, a customer asked me to make a crown-shaped eyelash box. When I asked him for details, he went offline. When I showed him the sample, he felt dissatisfied. So please tell me the specific shape before making it. The best way is to find a specific picture from the Internet, so that we can have a rough outline. The most important point is to tell me the size of the box, because it is difficult to tell the size of the pictures on the Internet. It may have one pair of eyelashes or three pairs of eyelashes. So please tell me the size, if you don’t know, just tell me how many pairs of eyelashes need to be loaded.

Customized service of high-end eyelash box

About color

Please tell me the color of the eyelash box you want, which includes the color inside the box and the color outside the box. I will also send you a picture of various colors to facilitate your choice.

Customized service of high-end eyelash box

About logo

Logo can be said to be the most important step in customizing the eyelash box. In order to ensure that it is foolproof, please send me the high-definition logo picture, and I will also make the picture for you to check. The size, position, and color of the logo are all things we need to discuss.

Customized service of high-end eyelash box

About quantity

Because private ordering takes a lot of time and manpower. And the cost and time cost of machine operation is very high. So our private customized MOQ is 100. We are a high-end eyelash maker, and customized boxes are a high-end service we provide. What we want is to promote our eyelashes through the box. After you have ordered the eyelash box, you can purchase some samples of our eyelashes to go back for testing. Our quality will not let you down.

ProluxuryLashes aims to provide Customized service of high-end eyelash box and provide the best quality eyelash products. If you want to have a unique design, please contact me as soon as possible.

High-end Private Custom Luxury Eyelashes & Lashes Box

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