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Attention false eyelashes beginners

The purpose eyelashes is to make people look big and beautiful, so more and more people like to wear them. But wearing eyelashes is also exquisite, if the operation is not good for their health is adverse. Today I’d like to give some Tips for beginners to wear eyelashes.

Don’t sleep with eyelashes on

Many people find it troublesome to wear false eyelashes, so they want to sleep with them.Absolutely not!!

False eyelashes need to be smeared with glue when wearing. In order to make eyelashes and true eyelashes more natural, some people will also use eyelash clip. If sleeping with false eyelashes is to sleep with makeup, the harm to the eyes will be great.
Wearing false eyelashes to sleep is easy to affect the cleanliness of their own eyelashes . Eyelash root sweat glands, sebaceous glands are easily blocked and affect perspiration, serious hair follicle infection caused inflammation. It may also be because false eyelashes on the makeup is not removed to affect the skin around the eye. Accelerate the aging of the skin around the eye and so on.
Not only can not wear false eyelashes to sleep. In fact, before sleeping must be clean makeup, otherwise the skin will absorb the residual makeup.

Eyelashes should suit you

False eyelashes are a kind of “too short in the hand, too long on the eyes” thing, people’s eyelashes in the middle of the longest, slightly shorter on both sides, the general length of 5 mm to 10 mm. If you want false eyelashes to look natural, the length should not be too exaggerated, the width should be suitable for your eye shape.

False eyelashes should be glued on the root of eyelashes, remember to stick their eyelashes before the clip, so that it and false eyelashes close to the arc, otherwise it will look like two rows! Measure the length and width of false eyelashes, if too long, subtract some with small scissors. Remember to trim the length of the original arc, or a one-size-fits-all eyelash, look too false, When pruning the width, cut off the long part of the eye and tail, not just the excess part of the head.

Tips for beginners to wear eyelashes--suit you

They are my tips for beginners to wear eyelashes. If you want to learn more, please contact me!!!

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