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Top 10 Reasons should choose us as lashes vendor

Our enterprise Proluxurylashes is dynamic, cultural , brave, Creative, Honest, and Responsible. Our mink lashes are sold to more than 200 countries from all over the world! Over the past 10 years, we experience 4 generations of mink lashes developing, mink lashes, 3d mink lashes, 3d silk eyelashes, 25mm mink lashes, The rise of each generation is created by us! Choose us as lashes vendor! This article will give you ten reasons why you should choose to cooperate with us!

The two gentlemen shook hands in token of cooperation(choose us as lashes vendor)

1. Exquisite and unique raw material processing technology so far no one can match!

In pursuit of perfection, each eyelash is carefully selected by patient workers (Other suppliers have no technology and will not choose at all)

2. Each eyelash is put on by skilled workers

And the left and right eyes are symmetrical. The overall effect of eyelashes is perfect! (other products are asymmetrical left and right eyes)

3. Regarding eyelash band

The eyelash band is thin and clean, soft and durable, and can be used continuously for more than 20-25 times. The glue is exclusively developed and is protected by the national patent (the glue of other products overflows, the eyelash band is easy to break after a long time, and the eyelashes fall off!).

4. Regarding eyelash styling

The exclusively developed styling process ensures that the eyelashes are elegant and natural, rather than hard, fragile, and overgrown with weeds!

5. Regarding eyelash design

We have our own designers, according to the changing needs of the international market, constantly update styles, always at the forefront of fashion, leading the international eyelash trend! Many of our design styles will soon become popular! Our designers can Customized styles that are made according to customer needs, which is unique in the market. Help customers find a solid market. Make your beauty more unique!

6. Our eyelashes market has a high degree of recognition

Which can help you accumulate a high reputation online instantly!

7. Regarding the delivery time

We are in the Internet age, time is money, whoever seizes the time will get business opportunities! We have our own data network and experienced craftsmen to ensure the fastest delivery time to help you occupy the market as soon as possible!

8. Regarding bulk goods

Our workers have many years of experience, have been uniformly trained, have patience, perseverance, and creativity to ensure the consistency of bulk goods and samples. This is unmatched by other suppliers.

9. Regarding packaging

You only need to tell us what you think, and the designer will confirm the 3D rendering after the order is confirmed!

10. Our sales staff are patient and considerate

Always thinking about what you think, and what you are anxious about. They are your strong and reliable backing!

Choose us as lashes vendor! Win-Win Business, Mutual Benefit! let’s develop the Mink eyelashes career together! Don’t hesitate! Please contact us now !

" I learned eyelashes are the key to life, because they make everyone look fabulous."

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