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What are the eyelashes materials

Nowadays, more and more people like to wear false eyelashes. In the market, the price of eyelashes is cheap and expensive, which has a great relationship with their materials. I believe this is also a more concerned about many people. What material does false eyelashes have?

False eyelashes material of the genuine hair

These eyelashes are made of natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair, and even human hair and eyebrows. This false eyelash is similar to human hair, and very soft, with a little grease luster, and natural curl, the whole is very our own eyelashes. So wear and real eyelashes mixed together, almost false, very natural.

false eyelashes material of mink

What kind of eyelashes are suitable for? Because it is close to our own eyelashes, so wear can be completely integrated with the true eyelashes, almost can not see wearing false eyelashes, is the pursuit of natural makeup, false plain face of the first choice. Note, however, that this false eyelash process is complex and contains animal cell molecules, eye sensitive people or allergic to animal hair do not choose it, or easily lead to eye inflammation.

Artificial fiber eyelashes

Made of synthetic fiber, woven, combined with the grinding process, the fiber tail is sharpened, thin and clear. This kind of eyelash is hard, arranged neatly and orderly, the curvature is consistent, the eyelash glossiness under the light is higher than the true hair false eyelash, the natural degree is slightly lower than the true hair false eyelash.

false eyelashes material of silk

So, what kind of person is this kind of eyelash suitable for? Because it is arranged neatly and orderly, bending degree is unified, so the natural degree is certainly not as good as the false eyelashes of true hair. But it presents a natural luster, so people who want to increase eyelash gloss, highlight eye makeup preferred it. As long as the flexibility is moderate, hair length is not staggered, wear will be very natural. When using, use the eyelash clip to the true eyelash curl similar to the false eyelash, so that false eyelashes and true eyelashes naturally blend together. Artificial fiber material adaptability, even sensitive people can use.
Here’s how to distinguish mink from silk:

This is my summary of eyelash material. If you have any relevant questions, you are welcome to consult me.

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