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What kind of eyelash box Valentine’s Day choose?

On the coming Valentine’s Day, when you choose a suitable eyelash, you also need an eyelash box to protect your eyelashes. Proluxurylashes have a lot of Valentine’s Day lashes boxes styles, next, I recommend a few for you.

Gold eyelash box

This eyelash box is made of star flash paper. Just look at its appearance and feel very noble. The whole eyelash box is this golden star flash paper, golden yellow, very beautiful. This eyelash box can not only help you protect your eyelashes, but also make you very face. Not only noble, but also revealed the temperament of a lady. You can choose with or without windows.

The combination of rose gold and gold

This eyelash box is square. Its lid and bottom are rose gold, and the place where the eyelashes are loaded is gold. This can reflect the high-end and gorgeous eyelashes. This eyelash box is mixed in two colors and looks very beautiful. Its small window allows people to see the beautiful eyelashes inside, cast envy eyes.

Diamond eyelash box

When you hear diamonds, you think of luxury and nobility. What the rich have. But the price of this diamond eyelash box is very cheap, you can also have it. Its appearance is diamond shape, material is star flash paper. Of course, if you don’t like this material, you can also choose others. If you don’t like this color, you can also choose other colors. Proluxurylashes can meet all your needs.

Valentine's Day lashes boxes

These three Valentine’s Day lashes boxes, I think are more suitable for Valentine’s Day. If you like them or have other favorite eyelash boxes, you can contact me at any time. Here in Proluxurylashes, only what you can’t think of, without what we ca n’ t do. Valentine’s Day is coming. Come and contact me.

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