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What eyelashes do you choose for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming, do you have some activities with your good friends? If you go to a party or party, do you have any fake eyelashes? Wear a beautiful eyelashes, enhance their charm, meet their own Prince Charming. Today Proluxurylashes recommend some good Valentine’s Day lashes for you.

3D natural eyelashes

Below this eyelash length is 15 mm. Human real eyelashes are about 12 mm long, so this eyelash is very close to human real eyelashes. At present, this eyelash is very popular. Many customers come to me and ask for this eyelash. It looks very natural and can certainly help you improve your charm.

This eyelash is a series with the upper one, but the length is different. and the length of this eyelash is 18 mm, is also the best selling.

DX extra long lashes

This eyelash is 28 mm. long You should be able to feel that it is twice as long as normal eyelashes. Yeah, right. This eyelash is more suitable for nightlife. If you’re going to a bar to drink and dance, this eyelash is essential. It can help you attract a lot of male friends and make your charm peak.

The above three styles are 100% Siberian mink hair, some people may be vegetarians, so below recommend two vegetarian eyelashes.

3DS silk eyelashes

This eyelash is made of silk. It is the best selling style in our vegetarian eyelashes. It doesn’t look worse than mink hair.

DW chemical fiber lashes

Effect of this eyelash is second only to 3 D mink eyelash. Its material is chemical fiber. We call it wand lashes. its popularity is second only to 3 DS silk eyelashes.

These five lashes are the popular Valentine’s Day styles I recommend for you, if you like these alive have other favorite styles. Proluxurylashes. welcome looking forward to your news.

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