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Eyelashes Of Different Lengths–How Long Lashes Do You Prefer ?

As a High Quality Eyelash Supplier, Proluxurylashes has our Own Eyelash Factory. Therefore, we have a lot of Different Styles Of Lashes. For the length of the eyelashes, We not only have 13-16mm 3D Mink Lashes, But also 20mm Mink Lashes 3D, 25mm and 28mm Mink Lashes. Each length has a single layer and Double Layers Mink Lashes. And everyone has  different choices about the length of the eyelashes. You may can’t understand the Different Length Of Mink Lashes more directly by listening to numbers. Let’s take a look at a video:

Video explanation: Different Length Of Mink Lashes

This video, From the beginning, The little girl wore DM01–20mm 3D Mink Lashes, And later changed her left eye to a DB334–25mm 3D Double Layers Mink Lashes, You will clearly see that the 25mm eyelash is more sexy, And because the DB334 is double-layered, It is more dense. Later, she changed her right eye to a 25mm single layer of 3D Mink eyelashes US DH002. Although they are all 25mm Eyelashes, You can clearly feel the difference between the two eyelashes.

DM02–20mm Mink Lashes, In the summer, This length is just right. Although DH002 is a little longer, It is very thin and light. In this hot summer, It is also suitable to wear it to participate in the party. DB334-25mm Double Layers Lashes, Because of the double layer, Is very dense. There may not be many people buying it in the summer, But autumn and winter will definitely be a choice for many people.

So in different seasons, for different people have Different Length Of Mink Lashes . After you have tried all types of eyelashes, you will know which eyelashes are really suitable for you.ProluxuryLash can give you the most comprehensive and best choice. Let me be your personal eyelash butler.


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