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Why Are There Any Nuances In Our 3D Mink Lashes?

Many customers feel that the quality of each batch of 3D Mink Lashes is very good after receiving the Mink Eyelashes 3D, But each batch of 25mm Mink Lashes looks Any Nuances in lashes. Many people are puzzled and don’t know how to explain it to consumers.

Any Nuances in lashes

You need to know that the raw material for Wholesale 3d Eyelashes is natural bristles. Animal hair is not as fixed in diameter as chemical fibers. Because each batch of Cruelty Free Hair varies in size, Each batch looks either slightly thinner or slightly thicker. But the original design is the same, the impact is the same. This hopes that the middlemen can understand and hope that the middlemen can give the customer a good explanation.

Proluxurylashes 3D Eyelashes are 100% Handmade Mink Lashes, seemingly a pair of small eyelashes, Proluxurylashes eyelashes need to go through more than 20 processes, Each process must be fine, Each process affects the final Effect Of Lashes, Our workers do The biggest effort is to keep the difference in eyelashes to a minimum, However, The Handmade 3D Lashes have nuances every time, Because the natural type of raw materials, The products are handmade, And no pair of eyelashes are exactly the same, which is the charm of Pure Handmade Products! So there is Any Nuances in lashes.

Artwork, Just like we paint landscapes, Facing the same landscape, The effect is exactly the same, That is, Shooting with a camera and printing with a machine. The effect is the same.

Proluxurylashes Handmade 3D Magnetic Lashes, Natural ingredients, High-tech processing tips, Carefully selected workers, Proluxurylashes 3d Lashes US are a high-end lifestyle, A work of art, We want boutique, Not exactly the same product !


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