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why choose us as eyelashes supplier?

Proluxurylashes is a professional false eyelash supplier. Proluxurylashes has always been very popular and very competitive in the market. A lot of customers like Proluxurylashes eyelashes very much, received a lot of praise. Some people who have just started eyelash business are confused when looking for eyelash suppliers. as a professional false eyelash supplier, i think Proluxurylashes is your best choice.

High quality eyelashes are well received by the public

Proluxurylashes only provide high quality eyelashes. Our eyelashes are all made by hand and 100% pure mink. In the market, handmade eyelashes are much more popular than mechanically made eyelashes. The quality of handmade eyelashes is very high, but the cost of manpower and material resources is very large. Proluxurylashes not afraid of these difficulties, still adhere to manual eyelashes, only to provide customers with high quality eyelashes. The mink hair used is naturally shed hair, we never brutally forced hair. We only use each mink hair once, each eyelash has hair peak,.

false eyelash supplier is well received by the public

There’s only customization we can do

We can customize according to the needs of customers. Whether it’s eyelash or eyelash box, we can customize it according to your needs. At present in the market, can provide custom, only Proluxurylashes. In recent days, some customers like to change their eyelashes into mixed colors. We customized this eyelash for her, her sale is very smooth, many people like it very much. Other customers give us the design of the eyelash box and customize it. That eyelash box is very beautiful and noble, has been loved by many people.

Express delivery and payment

Our delivery time is fast and the payment method is more.

the delivery of false eyelash supplier
the delivery of false eyelash supplier

Proluxurylashes is very sincere to cooperate with every partner. We are a very good supplier of eyelashes, please choose us soon after knowing us.

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