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Why do we recommend a minimum order quantity of 10?

Today, a customer said that she like our eyelashes very much. She just started to do Eyelash Business and wanted to find a High Quality Lash supplier.
I talked a lot with her, And I think it is wise for her to look for a high-quality Lashes Supplier because High-Quality Lashes will eventually win the market.

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But She said she only wants two pairs of Mink Lashes samples, Although this is ok, But we do not recommend this.

The company has a minimum order quantity of 10 for a reason, Not because it wants to customers buy more and earn more. So why do we recommend a minimum order quantity of 10? There are several reasons for this:

Eyelash Business:Freight

You buy two pairs or buy the ten pair of eyelashes for the same shipping cost, So why not buy a few pairs of eyelashes? It’s more cost-effective to calculate shipping costs. Isn’t it?

Eyelash Business:Choice of style

You can choose a variety of different style Mink Lashes, Pick out the Lashes that are suitable for you; Pick out which Lashes are welcomed
by your customers, So that you can better observe the lashes Market, Then Better develop your Eyelash Business, And better occupy the eyelash Market.

Eyelash Business
This is DH002 Mink Lashes
popular in US

Therefore, We recommend that the minimum order quantity is 10, which is more conducive to customers quickly occupying the Mink lashes market. To be honest, If you want to do the Eyelash Business, You must first be determined to do that.If you only want to buy two pairs of Eyelashes and sell them, It may not be good for the Eyelash Business.


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