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Why make lashes sample packs?

From 2021 onwards, Proluxurylashes designed new lashes sample packs for all customers. In the recent blog, I believe many people have seen it. Some people will be more curious, why to launch such a low-profit sample package? Why? Today, I’ll reveal the answer.

lashes sample packs to start your lashes business

Convenient customer choice

More and more people like to wear false eyelashes, wholesalers need to wholesale a variety of eyelashes for customers to choose from. However, customers’ preferences change at any time, which can give wholesalers a headache. They don’t know what kind of eyelashes customers like. So. Proluxurylashes launched four sample packages. The four sample packages are of different types, different prices and different quantities.

For customers who have not worked with Proluxurylashes, buy sample bags to see how our eyelash quality, whether it is really worth buying. For old customers, buying sample bags can verify which style the customer likes. Proluxurylashes think that my own money is not a real success, customers have to make money is a real success for Proluxurylashes.

Promote our products

The sample package is also launched to promote our products. There are some new customers who are just beginning to verify our products and must not buy in large quantities. Because this cost a lot of money, there is no guarantee. At this time, you can choose our sample bag, the price is cheap, but also to verify that eyelashes are really worth buying.

If you are interested in our sample bag, please contact me. If you have any questions about eyelashes, please contact me. I am a very helpful person, Proluxurylashes welcome you to ask questions.

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