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Why our eyelashes are getting more and more popular?

There are many eyelashes and accessories on the market, but our eyelashes getting more popular. The eyelashes produced by our company are praised by many customers. So what are the advantages of our lashes I’ll tell you what makes us unique?

Various awards and just property rights,eyelashes getting more popular

Advanced shaping process

In order to make eyelashes more curly and warping, eyelash suppliers generally conduct chemical treatment and finalize the design, that is, finalize the design with the nitrous acid used for perm. You have permed your hair, do you still remember that taste

If you think it over again, is there a chemical smell to your lashes That’s what nitric acid tastes like! The eyelashes we use are in close contact with the skin. If our skin and chemical solution have been in contact for a long time, our eyes will have a very strong discomfort. This kind of eyelash treated with liquid solution will bring terrible damage to the eyes and skin if it comes into contact with the skin for a long time!

However, the curling of our eyelashes is through physical heat treatment, without any chemical treatment, our eyelashes without any peculiar smell, we can confidently say that only we have this technology in the world at present, this technology is also our core competitiveness.

The eyelashes processed by our shaping process will remain unchanged even after you swim or soak in water or naturally dry!

Design ahead of its time

Our designer is OSCAR. There are no more than two eyelash designers in China, and OSCAR is one of them.

In 2012, we proposed mink eyelashes, refreshing consumers all over the world and starting to fully re-recognize the beauty of false eyelashes.

In 2013, we developed 3D mink eyelashes, which led the fashion trend again due to its distinct layers. Changed the original false eyelashes only one curvature of the malpractice, exaggerated natural 3D false eyelashes are still very popular in the world.

In 2018, our designers continue to make bold innovations, increasing the length of 3D eyelashes from 13-16mm to 20-25mm, which has once again lifted the trend of eyelash consumption in the world.

Advanced technology and advanced design make our eyelashes getting more popular, which is also the reason why we lead the world.

“I was born with great eyelashes. They just do what I want them to do.”

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