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Working life after entering the company

I have been in the company for two weeks, and I have begun to get familiar with my work. I have some Eyelash company work experience. I haven’t understood the eyelashes from the beginning, and now I can roughly distinguish the eyelashes. I think I have learned a lot in these two weeks and have grown a lot. In my twenties, I think that learn knowledge and improve ability are the most important. If you are just getting into the eyelash industry, let’s take a deeper look at eyelashes.

Learn how to take pictures professionally

On the first day of the company’s work, first thing is follow the designer to take pictures. A good salesman should know how to take pictures to show your products better to customers. At the beginning, I don’t use a camera and PS don’t know much. The beginner started to learn how to take pictures. At this time, I realized it is important to take pictures. The same product may show different appearances because of your shooting angle or light problems. If you are just taking a photo, you can try to how to show the curvature of the eyelashes, thus can attract more customers. During the process of taking pictures, we found our company’s design has a persistent pursuit of product photos, which further feels the company’s rigorous and serious attitude towards eyelashes. The first day, I have a Eyelash company work experience.

Good company atmosphere

The company’s colleagues are very friendly. I feel that working in a good working atmosphere will make you feel good, improve your work interest and improve your work efficiency. Colleagues, like friends, in our break time, we will chat and talk about some things about ourselves work.

The company provides afternoon tea. When the afternoon work is tired, you can eat some biscuits and candy. You can stand by the window and look at the scenery outside. It will bring nice mood. The company’s humanized management makes people more passionate about work. There are also some professional knowledge books, you can read these books in your free time to increase your knowledge.

In fact, taking pictures plays a great role in understanding and familiarizing with the product, because you need to stare at your eyelashes, how to show the most beautiful appearance, just like DQ eyelashes (length 13mm), I think DQ eyelashes are very beautiful. Below is DQ Picture of eyelashes.

If you are also interested in the eyelash industry, you can contact me and I will give you pictures of different types of eyelashes for you to view.