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Design story behind 25mm mink lashes-Rumba

25mm mink lashes show dance-like excitement and passion

After long-term research and design, our ONLYCANAS brand has launched a new passion series of eyelashes, which are designed and produced by the best designer team Oscar team. As an assistant to the design department, everyone decided to let me interview the Oscar team and talk with them about the newly launched eyelashes.

The first eyelashes launched by the passion series are called rumba. When I asked Mr. Oscar why this eyelash design is called rumba and what special meaning it has, he answered me like this. “I have been to many places to find inspiration for my design. Once I went to a small town in Spain. It happened to be their traditional celebration day. Many people wearing traditional Spanish costumes were dancing. They looked enthusiastic and happy. That night was also full of laughter. This picture left a deep impression on me. Their enthusiasm has infected me and made my trip unforgettable and meaningful. I always hope that I can remember the touch at that time, so I change my mood Incorporated into this eyelash design.

The eyelashes called Rumba are 25mm in length and have a 5D effect. They are of medium size and super long. The eyelashes are neat and small, with outer horn hair, shorter inner hair, and the longest eyelash in the middle. They are perfect for those with Deep-set eyes & Wide-set eye and Rumba lashes can make your eyes look more bright and Smarter. They are very suitable to be used by the wearer to express their enthusiasm and excitement, just like the feeling brought by rumba dance. “

For a good designer, design inspiration can come from every touching and memorable moment in his life and experience. I also believe that the product designed in this situation must not be cold, but there is a temperature to warm everyone. I also look forward to Mr. Oscar and his team bringing more meaningful designs. I believe you are the same.

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