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Design story behind 25mm strip lashes in bulk-Jive

25mm strip lashes in bulk show your unique elegance

In the process of designing several recent 25mm strip lashes in bulk, everyone unanimously chose dance-related themes. Therefore, the central theme of the Passion series eyelashes is dance. When designing the next 25mm strip lashes in bulk, designers began to learn to find dance-related content, hoping to find an excellent theme for the new product. The designers searched for a lot of information about dance, including books and videos. But none of them seemed to give everyone much touch and thought, and the situation seemed to be in a dilemma. Until designer Jackson shared a jive dance video.

The dancers in the video are all wearing black tights, jumping rhythmically to the brisk music, their bodies sway naturally, their feet are relaxed, and the male and female partners are constantly changing positions, turning and spinning. After I watched this video, my thoughts were that the jive dance was brisk. The dancers looked so enthusiastic and excited and especially infectious, which made me feel happy involuntarily. I personally think that everyone’s feelings may be the same as mine. Sure enough, many people agreed with this idea and finally voted to decide the theme of this eyelash design is cowboy dance.

Jive originated from African American dance. It was originally a tap dance danced by cowboys in the West. It is a fast-paced and physically exhausting dance. It is characterized by agile dance steps, jumping, relaxed, enthusiastic and cheerful dance posture. The popularity of jazz in the 1950s accelerated and perfected this dance.

But the style still maintained the vigorous, romantic, and bold style of American western cowboys. The design of this eyelash is also derived from this. We hope that the wearer of this 25mm strip lashes in bulk can show the enthusiasm and excitement of jive dance through the eyelashes, which can attract more enthusiastic eyes and attention and no longer hide in the crowd.

Everyone is unique, with their own unique brilliance and compelling advantages. Designers hope that your charm can be displayed generously through eyelashes, which is what our ProluxuryLashes brand is constantly doing. We also hope that the eyelashes of the passion series can bring more surprises to your life. Please join me in looking forward to the next new products.

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