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Design story behind 25mm strip mink lashes bulk-Tap

25mm eyelashes bring you passion and happiness

The eyelash design inspiration for the new passion series comes from designer Oscar’s personal experience and exact feelings. Mr. Oscar shared with me commemorative photos of his trip to Ireland and explained to me the story behind this 25mm strip mink lashes bulk design called tap.

“I have been to Ireland during my travels. Ireland is a country with very beautiful natural scenery. A friend I met in Dublin recommended me to watch the dance drama Riverdance. It was the first time I saw tap dancing live, and it gave me a great shock. A group of dancers dressed in bright black clothes and black tap shoes stepped on beautiful dance steps, pulled into a circle, and began their performance under the rhythm of a powerful hit to the ground.

The naturally drooping arms, the neat and uniform dance steps, the percussive sound of striking the ground, the strong and powerful body, and the exciting music are simply unparalleled! Accompanied by the thrilling and powerful recitations, there were also waves of applause and cheers in the audience. Such a lively and exciting scene made me unforgettable forever. So at the end of my trip, I always wanted to design some works to commemorate my feelings at that time. “

“Then you designed this eyelash called tap? “I continued. He answered my question. “In fact, I hesitated for a long time, because I am not sure whether my design can really express the enthusiasm of tap. I revised the design drawing repeatedly until the final design version was confirmed not long ago. The design of this 25mm strip mink lashes bulk contains a lot of large-angle crosses, with shorter inner corners and longer outer corners, which can make your eyes more vivid, flexible, and passionate. “

Mr. Oscar’s seriousness and rigor in design made me feel the designer’s sense of mission. I hope that one day I can also become such an excellent designer. I also look forward to the next new products of the Passion series of eyelashes. The ProluxuryLashes brand invites you to move forward with us on a beautiful road.

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