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About 3D Mink Lashes Packing

Since Mink Eyelash Packing are needed for 3D Mink Lashes US, Many customers ask for Lash Packing Boxes when asking about our Mink Lashes 3D. For different people, I think the Choice Of Lash Boxes will be different. Let’s take a look at our Different Shapes Of Lash Packaging Boxes:

Square and Diamond shape Lash Packing Box

Rectangular and round Lash Packing box

Mink Eyelash Packing

For those who are just Starting The Lash Business, I think the most important thing is the Quality Of the Mink Lashes, So we don’t recommend people who are just starting the eyelash business to Customize Lash Packing Box. We recommend that they buy a small amount of lashes to check the quality of our lashes. And can buy our packing first. Because the Eyelash Packaging Box Factory needs a certain amount of order to start, So do not Customize The Lash Packaging Box at the beginning of the eyelash business.

As a Lash And Lash Packing Supplier with our own Lashes Factory, Proluxurylashes will continue to Design New Lashes And Lash Case. Here are some of our New Lash Packing :

The first one: silver shiny Lash Packing Box

Mink Eyelash Packing

The box is made up of small squares that look gleaming, With a skylight lash box and a pair of 3d Mink Lashes, Shiny, Put it in your bag when you are shopping or appointment, perfect!

The second one: golden flower box

Mink Eyelash Packing

This golden box with skylights gives a feeling of luxury. The box is printed with flowers and plants and has the flavor of the Chinese nation.

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For those who have done a good job in the 3D Mink Lash Business, We support them to Customize Lash Box and have their Own Brand Lashes, Which is of great benefit to the development of her Mink Lash Industry. At this time, If there is any good idea to tell us, We support the customer and our designer video phone to correct the Lash Packing Box until the customer is satisfied.

So, Dear customers, Which the person who is just starting to Do Lashes Business, The quality of the Lashes is the most important, isn’t it? The eyelash business is done, and the Lash Packing Box Business will be better!

PROLUXURYLASHES will accompany you! Accompany your eyelash business!

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