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The ProluxuryLashes brand is one of the best lash vendors for starting business of mink eyelashes in China. It was established in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 2008 and has been producing eyelashes for more than 10 years. We have a professional eyelash design team, and launched the 3D mink eyelashes series for the first time, breaking the definition of old-fashioned false eyelashes, and have received customers’ love in the world market with their high quality, comfortable wearing feeling, and fashionable style. And welcome. The Pro brand has its own unique thinking and design concepts and is constantly advancing on the road of chasing beauty. This bold and creative design concept makes Pro false eyelashes the world’s leading mink eyelashes manufacturer.

Mission:Always provide customers with the most high-end eyelash and services, so that each partner continues to profit.

Vision:More and more girls are becoming Girlbosses by starting their own eyelash business.

Values:Innovate Unique Zeal All-win

The World’s top eyelash designer–Oscar

Mr. Oscar is the chief eyelash designer of the ProluxuryLashes brand and has designed many popular eyelash products. He is the founder of 3D mink eyelashes. And there is a beautiful story behind the 3D mink eyelash design. When Mr. Oscar and his lover had a wedding, everything except the false eyelashes was perfect. They paid a high price and couldn’t get natural false eyelashes. This inspired Mr. Oscar’s design inspiration. He hopes to design natural false eyelashes, which will bring beauty to girls and hope to make up for the regrets of the wedding. He designed 3D mink eyelashes and gave it to his lover as a gift. Subsequently, 3D mink eyelashes have aroused great repercussions in the market because of their natural effects and have been loved by consumers.

The Best Eyelash Team

Teamwork is indispensable behind a good and successful brand. The wholesale false eyelash design team led by Mr. Oscar is an independent, brave, and unrestrained personality. They not only constantly pay attention to customer needs and continuously design mink eyelashes that meet customers but also keep up with fashion trends, keenly grasp people’s changes, boldly innovate, provide consumers with fresh eyelash designs and lead fashion.

Their mink eyelash strip design team started from nature, from the pursuit of human beauty, each natural mink eyelashes contains a story, reflecting different beauty… Wearing our own brand of each mink eyelash can make you live out Your true self, live yourself!t is precise because of such an excellent team that the Pro brand can launch so many eyelashes that are welcomed by everyone, and the development is getting better and better.

Wholesale Policy

ProluxuryLashes, the best eyelash supplier for starting business, always insists on innovation. We manufacture high-end fashion mink eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3D artificial mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, double mink eyelashes, 25mm mink eyelashes, 5D mink eyelashes, 28mm extra long mink eyelashes and our own brand eyelashes packaging service Siberian mink strips Whip the customer.

We incorporate customer feedback into our product range. We have created more than 1,000 stylish and fashionable 3D mink whips. This unparalleled service has won loyal customers from more than 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, and Finland. The Proluxurylashes brand is also constantly working hard to expand its footprint globally to become a global brand

Designers of the brand are also constantly working hard. We will launch four new eyelash designs every month and provide our customers with one-to-one high-end services.The company also has a sufficiently complete and advanced database system to support various business transactions.

Customized Seivice

In today’s increasingly personalized pursuit, customized services are becoming more and more popular with everyone, as is the eyelashes. As one of the best eyelash supplier for starting business, the ProluxueyLashes brand can provide you with high-end customized services. You can communicate with designers according to your own ideas and design false eyelashes with your own characteristics and personality. In addition, we can also provide you with customized eyelash boxes. Wholesale mink eyelash case. Magnetic eyelash case, plastic eyelash case with trademark hot stamping, custom eyelash case with special paper…With the market demand, we also provide logo, packaging box design, website banner design for novices.

Custom Eyelashes Boxes Catalogue

Customized Logo Display

best eyelash supplier for starting business

Client Feedback

Out of love for our ProluxuryLashes branded eyelashes, customers sent feedback videos about eyelashes wearing.


Q: How can I get a sample order for eyelashes?

A:First pick the styles lashes you want from our catalogs and tell us ,We have our own samples and could send you them immediately after you pay the freight and samples.

Q:Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

A:Sure.We can custom packaging with your logo exactly same as your requirements .

Q:What about the shipping time ?

A:100 pair within 3 days,can ship within 15 days if quantity more than 100 pairs .

Q:Can you send me your catalogues and price?

A:As we have many items,so please inform us the items,size and package you interest in,so that capable to offer the price lists to you for your reference.

Q:Can I create my own brand lash line?

A:We accept customize package box with your own logo,the price of the box is based on style and material.

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