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Will lower-priced eyelashes make more profit?

This article is for Analysis of eyelash profit, Hope to let you know where the profits really come from.

Will lower-priced eyelashes make more profit?

The price of the same eyelashes from different suppliers will be very different. Most businesses will choose suppliers who provide cheap eyelashes. Then you might think about such a problem. Will cheap eyelashes bring more profits? the answer is negative. Those cheap eyelashes may bring you some profits in a short time, but as time goes by, you will find that the profits brought by cheap eyelashes are only temporary, because of quality and workmanship issues, cheap eyelashes will give you Bring after-sales problems. These problems will add extra time and labor costs to you. After adding these hidden costs, you will find that there is not much profit. One of the biggest drawbacks of selling cheap eyelashes is that your customers are all one-time customers. They are attracted because of low prices, but they leave because of poor quality. The biggest loss is the business. Because there are no loyal customers, the scale of the eyelash business will never expand. Every day is like the first day of business.

Quality is the core competitiveness of profit

The profit of high-quality eyelashes may not be much different from the profit of cheap eyelashes. His high price is only due to the high cost of raw materials and production process of high-quality eyelashes. But quality is a core factor of profit. Only with good quality will more people buy and you will be profitable. Even if the price of poor quality eyelashes is lower than the cost price, no one will buy it, and there will never be a profit. Doing an eyelash business is like building a tall building. The quality is not good, and no matter how high the profit is, it will collapse one day. This will be a catastrophe. Quality and profit are the two ends of the balance. If the weight of one end is not well controlled, the balance cannot be balanced, and so is the eyelash business.

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