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Many customers always have a question in their minds when buying mink eyelashes. That is whether the mink will be killed when making mink eyelashes. Some consumers think this is cruel, so they don’t buy mink eyelashes. But the fact is the opposite. Mink will not be killed because of mink hair. We produce CRUELTY-FREE MINK LASHES. I will tell you why.


Humanized material

In this peaceful age, minks will not be killed for making mink eyelashes. Because the materials used for mink eyelashes and mink fur coats are completely different. Mink fur coats need mink fur as raw material. The only way to obtain this raw material is to kill the mink. This cruel method is not used on mink eyelashes.

The main raw material of mink eyelashes is the hair that naturally falls off the mink tail. Workers will use toothbrushes to brush hair on the mink’s tail, and the naturally shed hair will be used as the raw material for making mink eyelashes. Minks enjoy this process very much. Just like people comb their hair with a comb, sort out the hair that has fallen out to make a wig. There is no pain.

Some people may also say that you are cruelly plucking hair from the mink tail. This phenomenon is impossible. Because making mink eyelash hair requires sufficient length and diameter.Only those eyelashes that fall off naturally meet this requirement. The hairs brutally plucked from mink are underdeveloped hairs and cannot be used as raw materials for making mink eyelashes.

We will not kill mink to get their hair. Because mink will shed hair continuously throughout its life, we will also continue to obtain raw materials. You can only get raw materials once when you kill the mink. Why kill the mink?

Comfortable breeding environment

Proluxurylashes created a foundation specifically for minks to improve the lives of minks that provide us with hair. Provide them with freedom and sufficient space for activities, so that they can have sufficient activities, to avoid hair damage caused by crowding. We also provide a rich source of food for mink,  they can be far away from natural enemies, away from the troubles of diseases, and have a comfortable living environment.

We will not cruelly treat mink in order to obtain raw materials. On the contrary, we will treat it intimately. Only if the mink lives well, the quality of their hair will be good. This is the same as the equivalent exchange. We give them a carefree life, and they give us hair that is naturally shed.

People have the right to choose, and so do minks. Life is equal. We uphold a humane and moral attitude towards mink. We produce CRUELTY-FREE MINK LASHES. So please rest assured that mink will not be killed because of mink eyelashes.

“I was born with great eyelashes. They just do what I want them to do.”

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