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In one minute! Learn how to choose best eyelashes for your eye shape

As a newbie trying to use eyelashes for the first time, when various eyelashes appear in front of you, it is hard not to fall into a dilemma. Congratulations on finding the treasure, please answer the following three questions, after which I believe you can easily choose the best eyelashes for your eye shape you want.

1.Do you mind using animal hair for eyelashes?

The materials of false eyelashes are various, some are made of animal hair, others are made of artificial materials, such as horsehair and mink hair. In recent years, more and more animal protectionists have advocated refusing to use animal products, so you must first confirm which type of false eyelashes you want to choose.

best eyelashes for your eye shape

2. Where do you need to wear false eyelashes?

  Different styles of false eyelashes bring different beauty effects. Therefore, for different scenarios, you need different false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes you need are suitable for your daily work, commuting, major meetings and other serious occasions, you should choose eyelashes with a length between 18mm and 21mm. This type of eyelashes will not be too exaggerated and will make you look Dignified and generous, enhance the charm of the workplace. If you want to stand out in the party with friends and attract more attention when shopping. You can try to exaggerate best eyelashes for your eye shape to show your generous, confident and fashionable beauty.

best eyelashes for your eye shape

3. Please observe your eyes carefully, what do they look like? Is it big or small? Almond eyes or slender eyes ?

Designers will carefully design eyelashes according to different eye shapes. If you have small eyes or close-set eye, you will be more suitable to use eyelashes with shorter inner and longer outer corners. If your eyes are almond eyes, I would suggest that you buy those neat, small wispy eyelashes with different sizes of hair. You can choose eyelashes suitable for your eyes according to your specific situation. You can choose best eyelashes for your eye shape.

best eyelashes for your eye shape

I hope that after reading this article, you can solve the problem of choosing eyelashes and find the most suitable beautiful eyelashes. If you have any questions, please leave a message on my homepage and discuss it with me.

"I get my eyelashes done. I get my top lashes done, and then I use waterproof mascara for my bottom lashes. It's an easy regimen."

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