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How to choose the best lash packaging box?

Just as green leaves bring out the beauty of flowers, the beauty of eyelashes also needs a unique eyelash box to set off. Different styles, different densities, and different lengths of eyelashes have their own eyelash boxes. So there will be a lot of customers who will be wondering, how to choose their own mascara case is the most appropriate? The best lash packaging box! In this article, we will tell you how to choose a suitable lash box.

Circular star flasher eyelash packing box(the best lash packaging box)

The box must match the length of the eyelashes

As we all know, the eyelash box has many shapes and shapes, such as a rectangular square, round diamond, and so on. Eyelashes of different lengths have different shapes to the box. Eyelashes under 20mm are more suitable for round boxes, rectangular and diamond-shaped boxes. If you put them in a square box, them would appear very empty and unnatural.

Eyelashes over 20mm are more suitable for rectangular and square boxes. If you put them in a diamond box or a round box, when the lid is closed, the peaks of the eyelashes will be hurt, which is not conducive to the maintenance and repeated use of the eyelashes.

You can also come according to the number of eyelashes in the eyelash box

 Eyelash boxes are also divided into ordinary single-pair eyelash boxes and multi-pair eyelash books. If you sell multiple pairs of eyelashes as a package to customers or give your friends, then eyelash book will be your best choice.

Choose the eyelash box according to your preferences

From the overall characteristics of the eyelash box, the eyelash box is divided into a pull-out eyelash box, a flip-type eyelash box, a window eyelash box, a without window eyelash box, a mirror eyelash box, and a without mirror eyelash box.

In terms of materials, the eyelash box can be divided into paper card box, plastic box and acrylic box. Each style of box has its own characteristics, and you can choose according to your preferences.

Customizing the eyelash box according to your requirements is also an option

You can customize the style size of the window eyelash box window, whether it comes with its own unique logo and so on. This will be your own lash box

There are many styles of eyelash boxes, and there are many ways to choose eyelash boxes. The best lash packaging box! The above is just a part of many methods, I hope to help you.

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