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Unique Black Friday——2020 Shopping under COVID-19

Black Friday in 2020 is different from any Black Friday in the past. This Black Friday is an online shopping frenzy, a phenomenon that was difficult to see in the past. It is also the best time for merchants to sell this year. The same goes for the Black Friday Eyelash Promotion.

Black Friday Eyelash Promotion

Changes in consumer mainstream

The continuous shopping habits led by the new generation have become a fashion. Global data shows that mobile shopping for this age group during the holiday season has increased by 50% year-on-year, and more than 30% of them have sent messages to communicate with companies. More than 80% of this generation made online purchases during COVID-19.

This is a huge opportunity for eyelash businesses. Eyelash merchants can take this opportunity to build an online shopping platform or conduct simple online promotion. Provide a barrier-free shopping experience for this generation. Women in this generation are precisely the important group wearing eyelashes.

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Retaliatory consumption

When people face economic challenges, people always give priority to shopping during the promotion season. COVID-19 has left a large number of people without income in the worst three months. In recent months, people have slowly returned to their old lives. But after this economic challenge, people have become more sensitive to prices.

For the eyelashes on the shelves, the promotional season activities have a great temptation for those who wear eyelashes all year round. They may make higher consumption during the promotion season, and take advantage of the discount to hoard a lot of goods for next year. And in the first half of 2020, people basically did not shop. Therefore, during the promotion season of Black Friday, there will be retaliatory consumption. Eyelash merchants have to cater to their preferences to purchase eyelash products and accelerate their purchases through promotional discounts. So we should make Black Friday Eyelash Promotion.

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Human weakness

When people encounter difficulties, especially when the whole world is in difficulties, people need some ways to adjust their mentality and reward themselves. During the economic crisis in 2008, products such as lipstick, eyelashes, and ice cream, which were cheap and quickly brought joy to oneself, were very popular. The same is true in 2020. People will buy eyelashes to dress up during the promotion season, so that they can temporarily forget the pressure and difficulties. The main point is that the price of false eyelashes is very low compared to other luxury products, but it can quickly improve happiness. Therefore, false eyelashes will be gifts that women buy for themselves during the promotion season. According to research, 74% of people buy things for themselves during the promotion season.

Eyelash businesses need to help women find their favorite products, and give certain discounts to quickly improve their happiness.

2020 is an unusual year, and Black Friday in 2020 is also unique. This Black Friday will be the one with the largest sales and the largest number of buyers. Eyelash businesses must prepare their own products to deal with this huge business opportunity. ProluxuryLashes will provide you with the best quality goods and become your strongest backing.