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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Attention

Are you ready to wholesale mink eyelashes for winter?Please pay attention to express shipping

Recently, the epidemic in some European and American countries has become more and more serious. Many countries will face a blockade of cities or even countries, as notified by express delivery companies. Have you prepared mink eyelashes wholesale for winter?

Recently, through many social media and news, the epidemic abroad has increased. The number of confirmed cases has increased, I feel very heartache, for foreign friends feel worried. The day before yesterday, chatting with a friend of England, he told me that Britain was now blocked. The French and German governments have issued official announcements; from the end of this month to the end of December, measures such as “closing cities” will be implemented.

The increase in the epidemic and the measures implemented by various countries will affect delivery. At present, we have not been informed of the possibility of normal delivery or late delivery. Further confirmation is needed. If notified, we will talk to you the first time. Similarly, if you have a blockade notice, you also hope to talk to us the first time.

some courier may be delayed for a long time. Those who need mink eyelashes should have a good time. Timely replenishment of their own goods can be sold.

The epidemic is fought side by side with many countries, and we have to overcome the virus. When winter is over, there will be a new spring. When the epidemic is over, our business will usher in a new spring. We worked together to defeat the new crown virus.
The demand for mink eyelashes is very high in this cold winter. Please prepare wholesale mink eyelashes for winter sales.

I hope everyone can be safe. There will be rainbows after the wind and rain.

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