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Lashes supplier?How To Choose?

There are more and more Eyelashes suppliers now, which cuts both ways for those who import Eyelashes. Beneficial respect is ok a variety of choices, the place that has drawback is vendor much, It’s going to be hard to compare.Choose Lashes supplier ?The following problems are to be solved.

What is the quality of the vendor’s Lashes?

Quality is what all customers care about, so be sure to choose good quality eyelashes. At present, the more mainstream material on the market is the eyelashes made of mink, so how to choose better eyelashes from mink material? Hair peaks is a key factor. Hair peaks make eyelashes more beautiful and natural.Look even eyelash can break, the length of service life. For our company’s products, the temperature control is very good, are all handmade, eyelashes will not break, the quality inspection is very strict.

proluxury lashes factory

Does the have a wide range of Lashes?

Everyone has a different choice of eyelashes curving or material, so a good eyelashes supplier should have a variety of eyelashes for customers to choose. We have single curving and multi-curving eyelashes, and the length of multi-curving eyelashes is also different. Our company has not only mink lashes, but also vegan lashes for vegetarians.This eyelash is made of silk.

proluxury lashes show

How do you compare Lashes from the same vendor?

Eyelashes supplier?How To Choose?When you choose a good supplier, but his eyelash type is more, this time how should compare? Want to compare from curving, material, eyelash stem. Curving is divided into single curving and multi-curving, the material is mainly sable, silk and so on, eyelash stem has black and transparent. Here’s a video on eyelash contrast:

Lashes vendor have what kind of payment and delivery?

Eyelashes supplier?How To Choose?Payment and delivery methods vary from country country.Some places may not support a particular mode of delivery or payment.Therefore, eyelash suppliers should also have more ways of delivery and payment. The terms of delivery and payment we support are as follows:

proluxury  lashes supplier for shipping and payment

I think a good eyelash supplier should have all the above mentioned. We are also a very good supplier of eyelashes,if you are interested in us, welcome to consult.

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