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Beginner’s Guide! Choose The Best Lashes by Your Consumer Eye Shape

Just as good weather is for mood, naturally curled eyelashes are essential for beautiful make-up. But in the eyes of novice makeup, how to choose suitable eyelashes has become a perplexing problem. Some skills are essential for us to know consumers’ideas and help them Choose Best Lashes by Eye Shape. Follows are critical tips.

1. We have to know what kind of eyelashes the customers want

   Recently, more and more consumers advocate buying animal-free products. If your customers are a supporter of animal-free products, you should first rule out products made from animal hair. Maybe they have other demands. Only by understanding these problems can we further recommend for customers.

A pair of mink lashes and  consumers can Choose Best Lashes by Eye Shape

2. Know where customers need to wear eyelashes

  False eyelashes are suitable for different occasions. Do customers want to buy eyelashes for Party, for work, or for other occasions? If it is a relaxed party occasion, you can choose long, luxurious eyelashes to get more attention. If it is a formal occasion, the first principle of eyelash selection is natural and generous. Therefore, we must understand the needs of customers and recommend appropriate products. Only in this way can our products be attractive to customers

A pair of mink lashes and  consumers can Choose Best Lashes by Eye Shape

3. Choose eyelashes that meet the customer’s own characteristics

Different people have their unique looks, so suitable for their eyelashes are not the same. The height of the bridge of the nose, the distance between the eyes, the height of the corner of the eye, and the tail of the eye will affect the choice of eyelashes. What we need to do is to recommend suitable products for them to choose according to their personal characteristics

A pair of mink lashes and  consumers can Choose Best Lashes by Eye Shape

4. Space for customers to choose from

 For example, provide several products that meet the needs of customers but have different prices, or products with similar appearance but using different technology. Multiple choices make it easier for customers to buy products, which is also a small skill of success

A pair of mink lashes and  consumers can Choose Best Lashes by Eye Shape

There are many techniques about how to help consumers Choose Best Lashes by Eye Shape, which can not be explained clearly in a simple article. If you want to know more details, please leave a message on my home page and we can discuss it further. 

"I get my eyelashes done. I get my top lashes done, and then I use waterproof mascara for my bottom lashes. It's an easy regimen."

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