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color lashes wholesale are very popular in 2021

Now black eyelashes can not satisfy some customers, so do you intend to color lashes wholesale for customers to choose from? Many customers are on the top of fashion, they need some color eyelashes to improve their charm. A while ago, a customer from me customized a blue and black mixed eyelashes, very beautiful. I asked her about sales recently, she said very well. The blue and black lashes are very popular and she plans to continue customizing them. I think customers can have some ideas, some colors together to make color eyelashes, will have a good harvest.

Color eyelashes currently available to Proluxurylashes

Solid lashes

The colors of these six eyelashes are solid rather than mixed. They are brown, green, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Mixed color eyelashes

The first eyelash is a mixture of orange and yellow eyelashes. Because the orange and yellow match makes this eyelash look a little pink, this is the effect of mixed color. The second is purple and yellow. Thick parts, purple and yellow have been integrated, this match is very beautiful. It will not appear another color after matching the first eyelash. But this purple yellow is very beautiful. The third eyelash is a mixture of red and green. Many people resent the combination of red and green, which they think are conflicting. However, if the two colors are matched correctly, they form a conflict beauty, which is very rare.

What do you think of these colored eyelashes? Are you going to color lashes wholesale for sale? Contact me if you’re interested.

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