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How to create your eyelashes private label?

High-end mink hair needs a delicate packaging box to highlight the nobility of eyelashes and attract high-end consumers. High-end packaging requires a unique and beautiful logo so that customers can appreciate the packaging box at the same time remember your brand name. This kind of careful design will make your product a priority for them. Do you want to create your eyelashes private label?

create your eyelashes private label

The create eyelashes private label process

First, you need to determine the name of your product logo and then tell us your ideas and requirements. We will provide you with a product image library, in this library, you can choose various eye shape and eyelash shape images, and add your brand name to form your own brand. Unique LOGO, coupled with the high-quality eyelashes we provide for you, customers can rest assured that such a good experience will naturally bring you a steady stream of customer groups, your business will be better and better.

What should I pay attention to when create your eyelashes private label

First, color matching. We will provide you with various types of eyelash boxes, and you can choose all colors. However, it must be noted that the color of the LOGO should not be the same or similar to the color of the packaging box, which will lead to poor visual experience.

Second, you need to choose a different font for your brand name. If you’re using a glitter eyelash wrapper, you’ll need to choose a thicker font to make it clearer. If you choose a plain or light-colored box, you can use slender signature font to show your unique aesthetic to your customers, so that they think you are a high-end personage with taste.

Third, pay attention to the use of space. Don’t let your logo cover the entire surface of the box. It can be confusing and sometimes small logos can make a difference.

Create your eyelashes private label

Qingdao ONLYCANAS has an experienced design team, accumulated for thousands of customers design eyelash LOGO. If you can’t design your own logo independently, don’t worry. Ask us for help and our designer will give you a satisfactory answer.

If you want to create your eyelashes private label, please contact me and leave a comment below my blog.

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