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How do you create your unique eyelash packaging box?

What attracts consumers to buy false eyelashes is not only good eyelashes but also good eyelash boxes. A good-looking eyelash box can arouse consumers’ desire to buy and make your eyelashes sell well, which is also a good marketing method. So, how to create your unique eyelash packaging box? This article will show you how I can customize my own box.

A bunch of custom eyelash boxes-create your unique eyelash packaging box(create your unique eyelash packaging box)

You can provide me with the following information:

1.The size of the eyelash packaging.

Let’s create your unique eyelash packaging box. General eyelash packaging can accommodate 1 pair of eyelashes, can accommodate 2-3 pairs of eyelash packaging boxes suitable for promotional gift boxes, 10 pairs of eyelash packaging boxes suitable for customers to choose from, 36 pairs of eyelash packaging boxes suitable for exhibition. Depending on the number of your lashes, we will also advise you. Customized packaging can be provided for you.

2. Tell me the material and the shape of the eyelash box you want.

Different materials give people a different feel, we can determine the material of the box according to your needs. We have a variety of packaging boxes for you to choose from. There are rectangular, square, diamond, and other shapes of packaging boxes. You can tell me what shape you want, and I can provide you with good suggestions.

3. The color of the box you want and Your own logo

The color of the box needs to match your own logo. This is the most important step in customizing the box, which means your own brand will be sold to the market.

This is also the first step in starting your false eyelash career.

So you can send me your logo so that I can customize the best mascara case for you. If you don’t have your own logo, you can contact us and we will design it for you for free.

4. Tell me the number of boxes you want to order

According to the material and quantity of the box, we will give you the production cycle of the box in order to determine the delivery time of the box, not to delay your eyelash business, but also to facilitate our future cooperation.

If you find the above operation a bit cumbersome, choose to order our best-selling eyelash packaging box will be a better choice.

We have a large number of best-selling eyelash packing boxes without logo in stock. We can deliver the boxes quickly without waiting for a long period of current production, which will not delay your sales. We can immediately send the boxes to you to personally check the quality of the boxes!

And, choose best-selling eyelash packaging box you have more choices.

You can choose one part of each style of eyelash box, which is helpful for you to pick out the eyelash package that meets the market demand more quickly!

Our partners are all specialized in making eyelash boxes and have many years of experience. It also provides us with the perfect products and services many times. You can rest assured that we have a customized eyelash box here, I believe our products will bring you huge benefits.

“Fake eyelashes can instantly give me a more dramatic look and also help to accentuate my eyes”

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