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Custom Eyelash cases sample in 2021

Custom Eyelash cases are something many customers like. A unique eyelash box will become their own brand, can do better publicity for themselves. Eyelash box can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also increase brand publicity. Many customers are using custom eyelash boxes to improve their visibility, which is a very good way. This method is relatively low cost, but can play a very good publicity effect. But recently there is a very big problem with custom eyelash box, that is, custom eyelash box sample.

Many customers want to customize an eyelash box sample before customizing a large number of eyelash boxes. This must be OK, but the cost is high. Because a boot will cost a lot of money, customizing an eyelash box needs to boot once. There is no doubt that the cost must be very high, so my quotation will certainly be high. I can understand the concern of some customers who have not worked with Proluxurylashes, that is, not assured of the quality of the box and whether it is consistent with the box they want. So, I’d like to make it clear that there are two kinds of our samples when you customize the eyelash box.

Digital and boot samples

so-called digital samples, the quality of the box is unchanged. but its surface is printed by us, so there will be color difference in color with the correct box you want. the price of this digital box sample is lower. The boot sample is the same process as the normal production box, but the opener is just making an eyelash box, so the cost is very high. the price of this boot sample is high. If you simply want to see the quality of the box, it is recommended to choose a digital sample. If you want to see the complete effect, it is recommended to select the boot sample. Hope customers can understand why the cost of custom eyelash box samples is so high.

Today because of the custom eyelash box by a customer directly blocked the dialogue, I am very confused. Proluxurylashes treat every customer very sincerely, but the customer does not listen. Some custom eyelash box customers may not understand these blind to spend money, I hope you can carefully consider, do not waste every penny you spend. Don’t buy unreasonable samples because of price or other tricks, which will only waste your time and money.

Proluxurylashes like to communicate with customers very much, about custom eyelash box, I will give you the most sincere advice. We want to cooperate with customers for a long time, so we will not do some harm to customers, such as cheating. If you want to customize the eyelash box and tell me your requirements, we will do it strictly according to your requirements. our box quality is also very high. if you want to Custom Eyelash cases. Just contact me.

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