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What is DX 28mm extreme luxury mink eyelash?-100% mink eyelashes wholesale

28mm mink eyelashes 3D is the flagship product of our company. After continuous improvement by the staff of the factory, It represents a new open mind! Make you more outstanding, suitable for more occasions, like performance life party wedding and etc. Custom Mink Lashes Individual Factory China.

28mm mink eyelashes 3d  use the longest part of sable in the production process to ensure that every hair is smooth and soft. After high-temperature sterilization to make sure it is healthy. , Its high quality and unique design earn a high reputation by many mink lashes wholesales in soon time!

The raw material of mink lashes 28mm is limited and valuable, As it is long, It is difficult for workers to do it. Which resulting The 28mm mink lashes slightly higher than other mink lashes, It is so so hot!! Super quality 28mm mink lashes are in short supply,

The one who get the 28mm mink eyelashes in the first time, The one who are able to win market,

we hope that everyone who loves beauty can have the best experience.

28mm lashes bulk with big criss-cross:3D lashes vendors

Why choose an excellent best 3D mink lashes-Eyelashes vendor

To understand why you choose a good product, you first need to understand what a consumer really wants. Consumers want high-quality, well-designed, high-end eyelashes, not cheap ones.

The advantage of a low price will inevitably cause other disadvantages. Cheap products often mean high-risk resistance and may cost you customers. In the long run, the short-term benefits of cheap eyelashes will cause greater losses.

In short, high-end products will have a market no matter when which is unmatched by cheap products. In the long run, cheap eyelashes will not make you too much profit. Custom Mink Lashes Individual Factory China.

3D mink eyelashes with small criss-cross: Lashes manufacturer

As an excellent supply of eyelashes, we provide eyelashes of various lengths, including vegetarian eyelashes, 16-18mm mink eyelashes, 20-23mm mink eyelashes, and 25mm mink eyelashes.


Q1: Do you want to recommend best-selling products?

A1: Yes, we want to recommend popular products to your customers and markets

Q2: Do you accept sample orders?

A2: Yes. You can choose your favorite model as a sample for testing.

Q3: How many times can eyelashes be used?

A3: Customer feedback shows that it can be used correctly and gently 25-30 times.

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