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What lashes are the most popular?

In this day and age, consumer needs are harder to fathom. Consumers are increasingly demanding about the quality and price of products. So what most popular lashes? Here is my opinion and I hope to discuss it with you.

 many most popular lashes and boxes

Fashion Product 

Before mink hair, eyelash grafting was the order of the day. But because grafting eyelashes takes a long time, often consumers will soon find out after grafting eyelashes, originally grafting eyelashes have been out of date, want to graft new eyelashes cost of time is too high. To solve this problem, Proluxurylashes developed a new mink eyelash. Mink lashes can be quickly worn, Proluxurylashes launches four new fashion products every month so that consumers can save a lot of time cost, can follow the trend of fashion. Our lash is the most popular lashes

Cost-effective Product 

Proluxurylashes’ choice of mink is natural animal hair, CRUELTY-FREE, and hair is spiritual. CRUELTY-FREE mink eyelashes are vivid and natural, with fine work and elegant styling. You can change the style of mink at will according to different occasions and different makeup, natural or sexy… Although more expensive, it can be used 20-25 times. The customer’s cost per use is lower. This also makes our products have a very high-cost performance.

Brand products

When a product has a well-known brand, it is equivalent to a person wearing armor to protect himself. What we need is a supplier with a stable supply and reliable product quality, so that you can build your own brand and increase the chances of your customers’ second consumption. Proluxurylashes has been engaged in the eyelash industry for more than ten years and can provide reliable products so that you can quickly establish their own brand in a short time.

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