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Design story behind private label lashes in USA-Persephone

Lightweight, comfortable private label lashes in the USA highlight your natural beauty.

As the new assistant to the brand design department of ProluxuryLashes, I like our new products very much. And hope to learn from Mr. Oscar and become an excellent eyelash designer in the future. Today, I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in the design department meeting. In the meeting, Mr. Oscar mainly talked about the design concept of this new private label lashes in USA, which is called Persephone ‘s 3D mink eyelashes and I learned a lot.

  “Persephone, whose name is derived from ancient Greek mythology: Persephone is the daughter of the earth goddess Demeter, the goddess in charge of the harvest, she has a soft appearance but a strong heart, she fights evil with a strong heart and takes care of her loved ones with tender emotions. Persephone represents a kind of beauty that is strong not to be destroyed but natural and unintentional. It is from this perspective that I designed this eyelash. They have natural volume, natural length, crisscross pattern, naturally blend your own eyelashes. They are lightweight and invisible straps are comfortable to wear: false eyelashes that look so real, everyone will think they are natural!……”

  A colleague at the meeting who had the same question as I asked Mr. Oscar first. “Is this eyelash suitable for everyone? ” He replied, ” of course not. We have made special designs according to different eye types, hoping to show the beauty of people with different characteristics to the greatest extent. Like this product, they are perfect for people with Close-set eyes and Round eyes. “

  At the end of the meeting, my biggest achievement was to realize that a good designer can design distinctive works according to different people’s characteristics so that the private label lashes in USA can highlight the beauty of the people who own them. It is because of the excellent designers like Oscar that our designs can be welcomed by everyone and our ProluxuryLashes brand can be more and more excellent.

  More and more legendary series 3D eyelashes invite you to travel with us, please look forward to it.

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