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Hot Selling 3DMink Lashes–DH021

Are you looking for 25mm Length Mink Lashes Vendor? Are you looking for Hot Selling 3DMink Lashes?
Get longer, fuller, Beautiful Mink Lashes with our easy to apply, and natural looking 25mm length 3DMink Lashes & Mink lashes.

Our designer designed more style for fans love longer and more Dramatic Mink Lashes last year, Today we talk about DH021- Hot Selling 3DMink Lashes. Let enjoy itself charming:

Why Clients Choose DH021Mink Lashes

1: Super New Design: Luxury like a butterfly, Symbolizes the girl’s pursuit of the perfect dream in her heart.

2: Good feedback: Share love to every in heart is full of love and kindness.

3: Large market opportunity: Now In Market no 25mm length, for our clients is big chance to take market and gain more fans to their brand.

4: For New Lash Line: 25mm length mink lashes is good chance to let more people know.

The 25mm Long Mink Lashes, Which were launched in September last year, Which is more popular in the world. And still popular all over the world now. Use the longest hair on the tail of the mink. In order to ensure the softness of the hair, The hair selected is 1-2 years old, Which is very long. The peak is not cut off, Nor is it inverted. 

25mm Long Eyelashes Compared with 16mm Natural Lashes, 25mm eyelashes are more suitable for evening parties, Parties, Stage and other occasions, It will be more sexy and beautiful. DH021–Best Quality 3D Mink Lashes

ProluxuryLash can provide you with the most popular 25mm eyelashes.Let you win at the starting line of the competition.


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