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Key difference between eyelashes packaging and labeling

One of the common confusion that customers make and even small businesses make is confusing the packaging and labeling. There is a tiny difference between packaging and labeling. In fact, if we want to create a hierarchy then Packaging comes first, and labeling comes second. Labeling is a part of Packaging. we should know the difference between eyelashes packaging and labeling.

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Example of difference in packaging and labeling

Let us take the example of shampoos. The packaging consists of the complete package – What color is the bottle, what quality of a material is used for packaging the product, where would the brand logo be printed, where would the labeling requirements go, etc.

Labeling on the same shampoo has a different requirement. For labeling, you will have to refer the regulatory body and their norms for the labeling of a product. So for example – If the regulatory body (generally government department) gives 10 different requirements for the labeling of a product, you have to adopt all those requirements as product labels.

So, the regulatory body may demand that you should have the MRP of the product, the ingredients, the manufacturing location, the customer care number, etc printed on the product packaging. These are specifically the labeling requirements of the product and that is the main difference between packaging and labeling.

The packaging is how the product looks. Labeling is what is written on the product

The below image shows a clear difference between the packaging and labeling. The packaging is concerned about the black color of the bottle, with the blue or pink background and the logo and the bottle shape, etc. It is also concerned about the labeling of the product.

The labeling, on the other hand, will only be concerned about the written part on the packaging. So it is important to write that it has salicylic acid which may be a key ingredient. Similarly, the label has directions to apply the shampoo. It has all ingredients, warning, manufacturing location, etc.

If a company like HUL manufactures 10 different SKU’s of the same shampoo, then the packaging requirements might be different with different color combinations and bottle shapes, but labeling requirements might almost be the same with only a few changes in the ingredients column.

The main difference between eyelashes packaging and labeling is: Packaging protects the product from external contamination. Labeling informs the consumer about the product. These are the main differences between the packaging and labeling of a product.

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