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Why are there different materials for eyelashes?

There are different materials for eyelashes , the crowd that the eyelash that different material pledges applies, with the characteristic that place also has each are not identical. Qingdao Proluxurylashes mainly has mink hair material, horse hair material, silk material and bamboo protein fiber material eyelashes, the following is my understanding, I hope to help you.

Different lifestyle choices for different material eyelashes

A lot of people because of their different way of life, choose different materials for eyelashes, such as vegetarians choose is not made of animal hair eyelash, Qingdao Proluxurylashes is considered this problem, launch the eyelash of the velvet material, silk material does not contain any animal hair, polyester as the main raw material. The eyelashes made of velvet are glossy, silky, and ductile. Silk eyelashes not only meet the needs of special people for beauty but also cater to their way of life. Qingdao Proluxurylashes can help you take into account the needs of different people for different eyelashes so that you become an excellent eyelash dealer.          

Different materials have different Wearing effects  

Some people like to wear light feeling, some people like to wear a rich visual experience, and so on. The mink eyelashes produced by us, the hair has the spirit, the mink eyelashes are realistic and natural, the workmanship is fine, the shape is elegant and natural. The resulting mink lashes are more in line with human hair, making the wearer feel more comfortable, just like their real lashes. Let the customer have a different experience. Velvet lashes are more oily and glossy, and consumers will have a richer visual experience after wearing them. Different material wear effect is different, we will adhere to the different material eyelashes to achieve perfect so that consumers have a better experience.

Continuous innovation makes the material of eyelashes more and more, Qingdao Proluxurylashes newly developed bamboo protein fiber material lashes – wand lashes. These eyelashes combine the advantages of velvet eyelashes and mink eyelashes and become a new fashion trend in the eyelash market. On the basis of the original material eyelashes, we continuously create new material lashes to face the change of fashion trend and the change of people’s demands. Choose Qingdao Proluxurylashes, can let you have more material lashes, can let you sell all over the world, let you become a successful eyelash merchant.

different materials for eyelashes

Choose Proluxurylashes to let you understand the requirements of different regions to eyelashes, can let you walk in the forefront of fashion, can let you have more new material lashes.

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