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Why don’t we sell magnetic false eyelashes?

A woman with beautiful mink eyelashes standing in front of a yellow wall. They are so perfect that we never sell magnetic eyelashes.

There are many kinds of eyelashes, and the main products recommended by different suppliers are also different. People often ask me, why don’t you sell magnetic false eyelashes? They are very popular recently. What is popular must be good? Are they sustainable? Let me explain why we don’t sell magnetic eyelashes.

1. What is popular for a short time is not necessarily suitable for development

  Magnetic false eyelash is a new style that has been popular only in recent years, and the production technology is not so perfect. The traditional technology of false eyelashes has been invented for a long time, with mature production technology, so as to ensure the stability of their quality. And magnetic eyelashes have a lot of disadvantages, so it is likely to become a short-term popular project, not suitable for people who want to do eyelash business for a long time

A pair of eyelashes and we do not sell magnetic false eyelashes

2. The wearing effect is very poor so we don’t sell magnetic false eyelashes

Magnetic false eyelashes have been very popular in recent years. Many fashion-loving people on YouTube have done magnetic false eyelash evaluation. Watching their videos, you can find that most of them cannot be successfully worn for the first time. Even if a lot of people successfully put on magnet false eyelashes, the effect is very stiff and looks quite unnatural. Therefore, I think that magnetic false eyelashes will not be a well-developed product.

A pair of eyelashes and we do not sell magnetic false eyelashes

3. For buyers who do not understand magnetic false eyelashes, new attempts mean new risks

Many new buyers do not understand magnetic eyelashes, and after simply understanding how it works, there may be some doubts. Does it contain heavy metals? Is it harmless to the human body? In order to avoid risks, buy known absolutely safe products. Therefore, in order to keep our business prosperous, it is not feasible to try products with higher risks.

A pair of eyelashes and we do not sell magnetic false eyelashes

The above is the reason why I don’t sell magnetic eyelashes, and I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave a message on my homepage to discuss with me.

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