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How to maintain your mink eyelashes in daily life?

After purchasing mink eyelashes, some novices will not take care of them in daily life. As a result, the life span of mink eyelashes becomes very short. Some inferior mink eyelashes have a short lifespan, and because of no daily maintenance, they have almost become disposable items. The average lifespan of ProluxuryLashes eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. If maintenance is carried out in daily life, the lifespan can be extended to 30-35 times. So what are the ways to Correct maintain mink eyelashes in daily life?

Picture of cleaning false eyelashes

Take it off carefully

Be careful when removing mink eyelashes. Remove them gently, as any additional pressure will only damage them. But before removing them, you need to wash your hands with unscented soap. Now, apply a little makeup remover (water-based) on the eyelashes to help loosen the glue. After a few seconds, hold the eyelash stem and gently pull it out. (Note: When pulling, hold the corner of the eyelash stem instead of the eyelashes)

After removing the eyelashes, you need to remove the glue on the natural eyelash line. This is important because it may affect your lash line if not handled properly. In addition, you may find it difficult to reapply the false eyelashes to the lash line.

It is very important to remove glue from false eyelashes. You can use tweezers and release all the glue from the front and back. If necessary, scrape off any remaining glue with the help of your nails.

This careful removal of eyelashes can Correct maintain mink eyelashes to the greatest extent.

Regular cleaning

The mink eyelashes of ProluxuryLashes have undergone a special physical ironing process, which has a certain degree of water resistance. After you wash your face or swim, your mink eyelashes still retain their original curvature.

But it needs regular cleaning, because when you finish swimming, a small amount of salt in the pool will stay on your eyelashes, which will erode your eyelashes over time. So you have to clean it regularly, rinse your eyelashes with clean water and gently pat the moisture on them, and then put them in a cool place to dry naturally. This can effectively extend the life of your eyelashes.

Use eyelash boxes for protection

Mink eyelashes are a very small thing, you may not find it anymore if you just throw it away. Some external friction may also destroy the integrity of mink eyelashes. So the effect of the eyelash box is reflected. The eyelash box is not only for decoration, but more importantly, the eyelash box can protect your eyelashes. Protect your eyelashes from dust and external forces, and protect the integrity of your eyelashes to the greatest extent, thereby extending the life of your eyelashes.

maintain mink eyelashes

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Dear customer, daily maintain your mink eyelashes is very important to extend the life of your mink eyelashes. We must learn to care for our precious things, just like treating our family and friends. Be sincere to them and make them more and more valuable.