Eyelashes Sample Pack Order for Beginners

For beginners in the eyelash business, what style of eyelashes sample pack order for beginners may become a troublesome problem? Mature eyelash merchants who are familiar with the market have their own ideas about the choice of eyelash styles, but many newcomers to the eyelash business may choose eyelashes based on their own preferences rather than the preferences of the market, causing adverse consequences. Therefore, as your most loyal friend in the eyelash business, it is necessary for us to provide you with eyelash sample packs based on market demand combinations.

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Eyelashes sample pack combined by different styles order for beginners

Everyone has their own unique characteristics, the shape of their eyes, and their favorite styles are not exactly the same. Therefore, in order to expand your eyelash business more conveniently and expand your customer range beyond a small part, you need to order a combination of eyelashes with different styles to meet the needs of various customers.

Therefore, after conducting market research, we have set up several different eyelash sample packages for you to choose according to different styles and needs. I believe there is always one that can satisfy you.

Mixed Classic natural style Siberian Mink Lashes pack orders

Mixed Best-selling Style 3d Mink Natural Lashes pack orders

Mixed Party Queen Style Mink Eyelashes pack orders

Eyelashes sample pack combined by different country and region settings order for beginners

Customers in different countries and regions have different preferences. Some countries appreciate restrained and low-key beauty, while others like dazzling, bright beauty. Our eyelashes also have different style combinations to suit their preferences. In order to better showcase your eyelash business, you can choose eyelash samples according to your region or the region of your target customers.

Of course, you don’t need to consider which ones your customers like. And we will prepare them for you to choose from. You can also use samples to understand the true preferences of your target customers, so as to follow up with the development of your eyelash business.

Eyelashes suitable for sale in Europe

Best 25mm Mink Lashes Factory wholesale Mink Lashes Hot Selling In USA

Develop your own hot-selling package based on actual sales

The eyelash business is a long-term effort. There may be some problems at the beginning, but as the problem is solved. And you will learn more about it and get its feedback. As a newcomer to the eyelash business, you can freely combine your next order styles according to the previous market sales when purchasing the second and third eyelash samples to make your eyelash business further.

Different styles of eyelashes that can be freely combined


Q: Do you want to recommend best-selling products?

A: Yes, we want to recommend popular products to your customers and markets

Q: Do you accept sample orders?

A: Yes. You can choose your favorite model as a sample for testing.

Q: How many times can eyelashes be used?

A: Customer feedback shows that it can be used correctly and gently 25-30 times.

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