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Sample pack 3–Environmental protection sample pack

Now many factories are emitting a lot of polluting gases, and the environment is getting worse and worse. People began to care not about the bad environment, only about making money. If the environment is not well protected, we will not breathe fresh air, which is of great harm to our health. So, in order to advocate the protection of the environment, we launched a eyelashes sample pack on this environmental protection theme.

DB、DX、DH. are the three eyelashes in this eyelashes sample pack. These three eyelashes are 100% pure mink hair. Our eyelashes are made of siberian mink hair and of very high quality.DB and DX have talked about it in previous articles. Let’s talk about DH. today

Hot Charm – DH

DH series lashes are named Passion. An eyelash is 25 mm. long Passion is named because it is characterized by sexiness and charm. If you want to hold hands with your favorite male guest, DH will be your best choice. If you want to find a life partner and bring this eyelash, you will attract a lot of men.

eyelashes sample pack---lashes

New environmental eyelash box

These two eyelash boxes are our new eyelash boxes to promote the protection of the environment.

Paper lashes tray

This paper eyelash tray in the current market only we can make. It’s very rare.

eyelashes sample pack---paper lashes tray

I think as a part of nature, we should protect nature and protect the environment. If you want to help protect the environment, take a look at our environmental suit. If you’re interested in them, contact me.

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