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How to find a good eyelash supplier?

With the popularity of the eyelash industry, more and more people are starting their own eyelash business. There are many eyelash suppliers, but not all suppliers are the same, so how to find a good eyelash supplier? Here’s what I can do to help you.

find a good eyelash supplier

Look for it by buying a small number of products 

When you are not sure about ordering large quantities from one supplier, you can order a small quantity first. You need to observe the delivery speed of this supplier, whether the quantity of packaging boxes, eyelashes, additional products, and so on after receiving the goods is correct and whether the quality is qualified. If there is a quality problem, what are their solutions and their attitude towards you? Would you like to know how to test these lashes and boxes? Please read my other blog, this blog will teach you how to check goods.

Look for it through video surveys 

Live video investigation is the most intuitive and effective way,Through the video link between the two sides to achieve the effect of field investigation.

Check their production lines by live video. Check that their entire production line is standardized. Whether the production personnel wear work clothes, wear non-toxic gloves, the entire production environment is clean and sanitary, and so on.

Check their raw materials by live video. Of eyelash quality actor bad, the raw material of the product is having decision effect. Such as mink eyelashes, whether the raw material is real mink, whether mixed with other impurities, and so on.

Check its international certification by video. Safety is the most important thing. Check that the supplier has international label certification and that each of its products has been tested, certified and complies with stringent international standards.

Each customer has a different amount of time and effort, and different ways of finding suppliers. Proluxurylashes works with thousands of customers every year and has become an excellent supplier to customers. Choose us and we will help you at the beginning of your eyelash business.

Do you have a better way to find a good eyelash supplier? Get in touch with me.

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