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How to help customers choose the right eyelashes?

Before starting your own eyelash business, you should learn some basic sales techniques. For example, how to help customers choose right 3D mink eyelashes. In other words, how do you sell your eyelashes to customers?

False eyelashes are just like clothes. The same clothes, some people find it good-looking, some people find it unsightly. Some people will become beautiful after wearing it, and some will become ugly. So how to choose the right eyelashes for customers? Below I will give you some methods.

Understand customer needs

When a customer wants to buy eyelashes, some novice sellers will be very excited and feel that there is a business coming, so they will continue to promote their eyelashes, and they keep talking about it. But the customer left without buying.

The first thing we should do is to understand the types of customer needs. Ask the customer whether they need 3D mink eyelashes or vegetarian eyelashes. Second, we know the type of customer’s needs and then ask the customer what length of eyelashes they like. After you understand this, you can recommend the eyelashes that meet the requirements in your store according to the needs of your customers.

Customers buying eyelashes must be customer-oriented. Targeted recommendations will make you easy to succeed.

choose right eyelashes

Know where the customer is wearing

Some customers may be novice buyers, buying eyelashes because they want to dress up for some important events. At this time, you need to recommend based on the activities the customer participated in and the place to wear. If the client is a professional manager who usually wears and work in more formal occasions, then you would recommend 13mm or 16mm eyelashes for him. If the client is attending a fancy dress party or a Halloween party, you would recommend 25mm and 28mm eyelashes, because they are longer and better reflect their special makeup.

Observe the facial features of customers

Different people have different appearances, so their eyelashes are also different. The height of the bridge of the nose, the distance between the two eyes, the height of the corners of the eyes and the height of the end of the eyes will affect the choice of eyelashes. What we need to do is to recommend products that suit us and let them choose according to their personalities.

choose right eyelashes

Provide many different options

After customers determine their needs, they provide them with eyelashes at different prices, allowing customers to make their own choices, and giving customers plenty of room for choice, which can more prompt customers to buy. Let the customer feel that you are recommending the most suitable eyelashes to him rather than simply selling eyelashes for higher profits.

Choosing really suitable eyelashes for customers also requires a lot of professional knowledge. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of each eyelash and the people who are suitable for wearing it. This requires the eyelash business to have strong professional knowledge. If you want to know more methods and expertise, please contact ProluxuryLashes and we will give you the most professional guidance.

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