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How to buy hot-selling eyelash glue?

When someone chooses to wear eyelashes, the most she needs is eyelash glue, women can’t leave without high-quality eyelash glue. There are many types of mascara on the market, many choices, it is difficult to choose, so what is the hot-selling eyelash glue wholesale? And what eyelash glue do we mainly supply? This article will show you what kind of eyelash glue is better to sell.

5ml glue(hot-selling eyelash glue wholesale)
5ml glue

Choose a strong glue-hot-selling eyelash glue wholesale

First, we must ensure that the eyelash glue is strong, the glue is durable and waterproof, and there is no need to worry about the eyelashes falling off after tearing or getting wet. The eyelash glue we launched has been clinically tested and certified by MSDS. In the past 15 years, there has been no after-sales problem in hot sales.

Choose a harmless glue-hot-selling eyelash glue wholesale

Second , When choosing eyelash glue, you must ensure that the ingredients of the eyelash glue are green and healthy. The eyelash glue should has no odor . The ingredients in healthy eyelash glue are beneficial to the human body, such as vitamin A and vitamin E. Healthy high quality eyelash glue ingredients are healthy and do not contain latex, which is not irritating to the skin and has high use value. Poor quality eyelash glue can easily damage eyelashes, and will even cause damage to the eyes.

Eyelash glue custom logo label-hot-selling eyelash glue wholesale

We can customize private labels for customers, you only need to give me the content documents you need to print, and we can customize it. I suggest you choose transparent stickers or gold foil logo stickers. Be sure to pay attention when making eyelash glue LOGO, transparent The color of the eyelash gel and white eyelash logo can be darker, and the color of the black eye glue logo must be lighter to ensure that the logo can be highlighted.

We not only supply high quality eyelashes and hot-selling eyelash glue wholesale, Don’t wait , contact me quickly.

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