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How do false eyelash customers communicate?

There are a lot of new eyelash business customers, in communication with their customers some problems make them more distressed. They don’t know how to communicate well with customers, and even lose some customers because of their own words. So, how to communicate with false eyelash customers?

Have a good attitude

The customer is God. Whether you are selling online or offline, be sure to pay attention to your service attitude. Be patient in answering customer questions and never show some impatience. Customers will never tolerate some of your little emotions. If you sell online, say hello or talk about something customers like. Let the customer have an impression of you, so that even if the customer does not buy now, the future will naturally think of you. If you sell offline, you can help her choose some eyelashes according to the customer’s eyes and introduce some characteristics of eyelashes to her. Make her think your service attitude is very good.

After-sales service

The so-called eyelash after-sales service is not like other things after-sales service. Some false eyelash customers may not wear false eyelashes or do not know how to save and clean. This time you need to answer these questions for them. You can keep in touch with customers for a long time and greet them on holidays to deepen the customer’s impression of you and facilitate the second purchase. So you can have a repeat guest. Never make a profit on a single purchase, the idea is not to make your eyelash business long.

If you have the ability to create a website dedicated to their own products, so that online customers to choose, but also convenient for offline customers to select and then directly to the store to buy. If you want to do your eyelash business for a long time, good service for fake eyelash customers is essential.

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