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How to do business with customers better

In recent days, several eyelash dealers have discussed with me. What should I do when doing business with customers?What is a good lash business plan?

Asking means interested

The customer asks you about the price of eyelashes, which means that he is aware of and interested in eyelashes. They take the initiative to contact you, so as long as you are not a peer, you should cherish it. Time is precious now, don’t make customers wait too long. Unless the peer asks for the price. If you are a peer, you don’t care.

What is a good lash business plan

Customers are interested in 3D mink eyelashes, but if they are not very professional, they need help and guidance. You need to understand the customer’s situation, stand on the customer’s point of view, and think for the customer. See where his needs for eyelashes are. What length of eyelashes is suitable for him, what material of eyelashes, and how much budget does he have to buy eyelashes.

Determine the customer type

After the customer understands our basic situation. We also need to ask him a few simple questions. These questions are easy for customers to answer, and you can also grasp the customer’s situation.

For example: “Did you buy mink by yourself or sell it?” “Have you bought 3D false eyelashes before?” “Which style of mink whip do you like?” Different customers ask them different questions.

What is a good lash business plan

Determine whether the customer is a wholesaler or an individual buyer based on the professionalism of the customer’s answer and the number of purchases.

Provide customer options

After understanding the customer’s needs, you can make some suggestions to the customer. Provide valuable information. Provide customers with several suitable solutions and let them choose by themselves. This is to prevent customers from not knowing what they want when faced with many products. At this time, providing solutions to customers is like pointing the direction to customers. More can promote customers to purchase.

Price discussion with customers

After the customer has viewed the eyelash products, no matter what the price of your product is, the customer will bargain with you. Don’t lower your price easily at this time. To highlight the advantages of their products, including quality advantages and style advantages. Under normal circumstances, customers will accept your price. If the customer must ask for a lower price, you can give him some gifts. If the customer still does not agree, you can tell the customer: If you increase the number of purchases, we will lower the price for you. Make customers feel passive.

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Bargaining with you means that the customer is very satisfied with your product, but he wants to make more profits. Easy price reduction is a taboo in business.

Doing business with different people has different solutions. If you want to sell your products better and learn more about lash business plan, please contact ProluxuryLashes, please leave a message below and let us discuss together.